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Old Ship Photos

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Old Ship Photos

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Forgive me if this is a general posting rather than Genealogy.
My G. Grandfather, James McMILLAN, was a ship’s captain working from Saltcoats and Ardrossan. He had an interest in the ships ‘Closeburn’, ‘Dalswinton’, ‘Dunscore’ and possibly ‘Algeria’.
I have found a picture and a little information on the web about ‘Closeburn’, but none of the others. James died in 1882 leaving two 64ths ownership of ‘Dalswinton’ and ‘Dunscore’, both of Glasgow Village Line.
Is there a local repository of maritime information that may not generally be on the web?
Many thanks.
Penny Tray
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Re: Old Ship Photos

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If you haven't already done so you might wish to have a look at https://www.clydeships.co.uk/. There are photographs there of the CLOSEBURN, and I think the DALSWINTON may have been launched as the CITY OF BERLIN on 3/10/1864; and the DUNSCORE launched as the CITY OF VIENNA on 15/3/1866. They also list two ships that were launched by the name ALGERIA, one on 12/7/1870 and the other on 6/10/1891.

You may also have picked up the following references by word searching this site. I'll leave it to you to decide which, if any, refer to your Captain McMillan: -

18 MARCH 1853


The well-known fast sailing first class barque WOLFVILLE, Captain James McMillan, to sail 5th April.

This ship has all her heavy freight engaged, and will take a limited number of passengers, for which there is excellent accommodation.

For freight or passage apply to THOMAS C. ORR, 20 Union Street, Glasgow.

3 JUNE 1879


STIRRAT – McMILLAN: At Dockhead Street, Saltcoats, on the 30th ultimo, by the Rev. Doctor Kirk, of Edinburgh, Alexander Stirrat, chief officer, to Kate, third daughter of the late Captain James McMillan.



McMILLAN: SUDDENLY AT 6 Derby Terrace, Glasgow, Jessie McCready, wife of Captain James McMillan, late of Ardrossan.

26 JANUARY 1882


McMILLAN: At 119 Sandyford Place, Glasgow, on the 24th instant, Captain James McMillan, late of Ardrossan.
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