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Ardrossan Academy Sports Pavilion

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Ardrossan Academy Sports Pavilion

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In the Rector's report of 1958, he made reference to the opening of the new Sports Pavilion.This article appeared in the Ardrossan Academy School Magazine of June 1957, to mark the beginning of construction ; along with this picture of work in progress :
Sports Pavilion 1957.jpg


A long-suffering community has at last been provided with tangible evidence of its generosity. For several years now the School, together with the Former Pupils' Club and the Parents' Association, which is now unfortunately non-existent, has been holding fetes , concerts and other functions, in an effort to finance the erection of a Sports Pavilion, a very necessary addition to a school of this size.

Of course, a field had first to be purchased and it was fortunate that there was one in close proximity to the school. there are many present pupils who will have memories of picking up stones during gym periods, but, all will agree, it was well worth it. With the erection of the Entrance Gates everyone felt that things were at last beginning to move. of bronze, they portray, on the one side, the School Badge and, on the other, two athletes bearing torches. Across the top is inscribed " ARDROSSAN ACADEMY WAR MEMORIAL PLAYING FIELD. " There are possibilities of a car-park being constructed.

The building of the actual pavilion was embarked upon some weeks ago and will, it is hoped, be completed in the not-too-distant future. Some delay has been occasioned through constructional difficulties; certain drains were nearer the surface than anticipated and consequently the foundations had to be raised, which inevitably involved additional expenditure. Costs of material have not remained static since the project was first contemplated and here again earlier estimates have had to be revised.

The part, which is at present in process of construction, is, however, merely the first of three sections. The estimated cost of this section is approximately £3000 and a further £4700 is required before it is possible to embark upon the second and third stages.

The dominant feature of the first stage is the windows, which are so designed to afford an unobstructed view of the Playing Field from the large dining-cum-common-room. Within easy reach of the latter is the kitchen, in which, it is hoped, gas cookers will be installed. Most of the space is utilised for dining and kitchen accommodation, the remaining space housing cupboards, toilets and referees' rooms. Incorporated in the second stage, which will be embarked upon as soon as finances permit, will be changing rooms and showers for our own boys and visiting teams, together with referees' rooms. Until such times as these are made available, teams will require to change in the school as has been the practice in past years. Changing rooms and showers for the girls and their visitors will be housed in the third section, the erection of which will be dependent on available finance.

The pavilion has been designed by Catherine Adams, who, up until 1945, was a pupil of this school. She studied Science and not, as one would have expected, Art. In 1951 she graduated from the School of Architecture, having gained her ARIBA - " Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects. " She took up a post in Glasgow, and in September 1955 , she went to Thurso.

It is hoped that the present edifice will provide incentive to further effort and that all those who have contributed in any way to its creation will continue to support our money-raising ventures in the future .


And this article on the opening of the sports pavilion on 29th April 1958 appeared in the 1958 school magazine.


A dream has become reality !

Conceived, nurtured and fed by the enthusiasm of many who must be nameless ; a vision has become a fact, and the main section of a Sports Pavilion has been erected on the Ardrossan Academy War Memorial Playing Fields - a worthy memorial to the gallant souls who died while serving in the armed forces during the last two wars.

The opening ceremony took place on the evening of 29th April 1958, and was well attended by pupils, former pupils, parents and friends.

Mr W L Callan, chairman of the Memorial Field Improvements Committee , and president of the Former Pupils' Club, welcomed the Rector of the Academy, Mr D Macfarlane and Mrs Macfarlane, the representatives of various committees and all interested friends. He spoke in reminiscent mood and with gratification of the services rendered over the past years by the staunch supporters of the War Memorial Fund.

It was to honour the memory of one hundred and twenty Former Pupils of the Academy ( whose names we include in this issue ) that they were met that night.

Among the names on the Memorial Plaque is that of Kenneth Campbell, who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, and, as a token of respect, his brother, Mr James Campbell, W S , was called upon to perform the opening ceremony.

Mr Campbell spoke with dignity of the honour this duty conferred upon him, and praised the voluntary and individual achievements of all concerned. He hoped too, that the pupils of the Academy would value this work " not just from a sense of duty, but from a sense of pride. "

Mr Campbell then declared the Pavilion open and unlocked the doors.

Following this, the School Chaplain, the Rev T Williamson, B D, offered the dedicatory prayer after which Mr R T Stratton called for a vote of thanks to Mr Campbell and to the Chaplain for his participation.


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