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McNamara Family

For those researching family in the three towns area.
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McNamara Family

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Hello all,

In my further research, I've seen that the most recent relative still local to the area was William McNamara who passed away in 1987. He was married to a Mary Templeton, I couldn't find any records of children. Anyone on here related who could point me in the right direction of any additional kin in the area still?
john kean
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Re: McNamara Family

Post by john kean »

Try west kilbride. McNamara and Templeton families resided there when I was growing up.
Penny Tray
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Re: McNamara Family

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You may have checked these out already but there are 5 McNamara subscribers from Ardrossan/Saltcoats, whose home telephone numbers and addresses are listed in the BT online public telephone directory; along with two MacNamara families in Ardrossan.

https://www.thephonebook.bt.com/Person/ ... RE&Street=
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Jim McCreadie
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Re: McNamara Family

Post by Jim McCreadie »

William and Mary married at West Kilbride probably late June 1943. A male McNAMARA child, whose father’s name was William was born at probably 70 Meadowfoot Rd, West Kilbride early July 1947. A Billy (William) and Molly (possibly Mary) McNAMARA (husband & wife) were resident in West Kilbride in 1952.
All data extracted from A&S Herald BDMs at www.ayrshire-roots.co.uk
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Re: McNamara Family

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That's my cousin grandparents
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