Saltcoats - On This Day In History

Published stories from each town's past.
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Re: Saltcoats - On This Day In History

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Tonight ( Friday ) and Saturday. Nightly at 6.30:

Sunday Bloody Sunday ( X ).

Matinee: Saturday 2pm - Special Children's Films.

Monday 15th November, for 2 nights at 6.30:

June Allyson, Janet Leigh, Peter Lawford, Elizabeth Taylor and Rossano Brazzi in Little Women ( U ).

Also Marion Lanza in The Student Prince (U ).

Wednesday 17th November, for 2 nights from 5.30:

Jane Powell, Howard Keel in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ( U ) .

Also Bonnie Scotland. A Laurel and Hardy Classic.

Friday 19th November for 2 nights at 7pm :

Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr, Peter Ustinov and Leo Genn in Quo Vadis ( A ).

Matinee : Saturday 2pm - Special Children's Films.

All the films showing at the Countess this week are golden oldies, and every one of them worth seeing. " Little Women ", starring Janet Leigh, Peter Lawford, Elizabeth Taylor and Rossano Brazzi, is showing with " The Student Prince " which features the singing voice of Mario Lanza. Comedy is showing on Wednesday ; " Seven Brides for Seven Brothers " is a musical comedy about seven brothers and their attempts to get wives to do all the work. Things don't turn out quite the way they expected. On Friday and Saturday the film is " Quo Vadis " , which is a spectacular version of the classic story by Sienkiwicz about the court of Nero, the persecution of the Christians, and the leadership of Peter.

Next week's films at the Countess are old favourites - the programme having been chosen by the present lessee Mrs Paterson, to commemorate the fact that the cinema has been managed by her family for 50 years. Her father, Mr Buchanan Thomson, was granted the lease by Saltcoats Town Council in November 1921 and on his death his wife Mrs Marion Thomson continued the management of the hall.


Tonight and Saturday: One performance 6.15. Saturday Matinee 1.30.

Gone With The Wind ( A ) 70 mm Big Screen.

Monday 15th November for 1 week :

70 mm Big Screen; 6 Track Stereo.

Marlon Brando, Trevor Howard and Richard Harris in Mutiny on the Bounty ( A ) 7.00.

One performance nightly at 6.45 Saturday Matinee at 1.30.

Phone 3345 for reservations.

" Mutiny on the Bounty " ( all week ) tells the story of the epic voyage made by Captain Bligh and a handful of his men after the crew mutiny on his ship " HMS Bounty ". The mutiny is caused by the cruelty of Captain Bligh to his crew while the ship is doing a horticultural survey in the South Pacific. The mate, Fletcher Christian, leads a revolt and the crew sail in the ship to Pitcairn Island where they founded a colony. It stars Marlon Brando, Trevor Howard and Richard Harris.


Tonight and Saturday :Zeta-One ( X ) 8.43 Also Kamasutra ( X ) 7pm.

Sunday 14th November at 7pm:

Paul Newman in A New Kind of Love ( A )

and Rory Calhoun in Young Fury ( A ) .

Monday 15th November for 3 days :

Suzy Kendall, Frank Finlay in Assault ( X ) 8.24

And Gene Barry in Subterfuge ( AA ) 6.45.

Thursday 18th November for 3 days :

Susannah York, George C Scott in Jane Eyre ( A ) 8.20

Also Walter Brennan in Who's Minding the Mint ( U ) 6.

A high tension thriller " Assault ( Monday to Wednesday ) stars Suzy Kendall and Frank Finlay. It is showing with " Subterfuge " starring Gene Barry. A classic story, " Jane Eyre ", by Charlotte Bronte, returns to the screen in a new version of the film from Thursday to Saturday. Susannah York and George C Scott are the stars. The film traces Jane's unhappy existence in the home of her relations and the school she is sent to until she finally thinks she can forget all this when she is to be married to Mr Rochester, whom she works for as a governess.

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Re: Saltcoats - On This Day In History

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Kilmarnock Herald and Ayrshire Gazette
November 22, 1940

Saltcoats People Injured in Train Crash

Several people were slightly injured when the ?.5 train from Largs slipped on the line at St. Enoch Station, Glasgow, Wednesday morning and crashed into the buffers at the end of the platform. A number passengers suffered from shock, while others were taken to the Royal Infirmary for treatment. Those included Mrs Martin (67), 35 Kerr Avenue, Saltcoats; Mary Jamieson (41), 73 Manse Street, Saltcoats; John Ayres (22), 5 Bute Terrace, Saltcoats; Mrs McGrieve (53), 31 Raise Street, Saltcoats; and, Mrs Thom (50), Cupancraig, High Road, Stevenston.
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