Saltcoats Secondary School : prizelist 1967

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Saltcoats Secondary School : prizelist 1967

Post by down south »

Here is the prizelist for Saltcoats Secondary School in 1967.


Primary 3B - 1, Margaret Young; 2, Christine Lindfield; 3, Helen Cherry.
Primary 3A1 - 1, Alistair Fraser; 2, Gwen Wright; 3, Ian Purdie.
Primary 3A2 - 1, Susan Young; 2, Scott McKee; 3 equal, Karen Tulloch and James Ingram.

Primary 4B - 1, Irene Walker; 2, Brian McMaster; 3, Gordon Elder.
Primary 4A1 - 1, Morag Colquhoun; 2, Angus McKenzie; 3, Carolyn McKenzie.
Primary 4A2 - Jan Hardie; 2, Diane Ellis ; 3, Jane Rorie.

Prizes in Primary 3B, 3A1, 3A2, donated by Mr J McLachlan.

Primary 5B - 1, John Bingham; 2, David Armstrong; 3, Alastair Cuthbertson.
Primary 5A - 1, Paula Dean; 2, Elaine Murchie; 3, Sheena Savage.

Primary 6B - 1, David Kettyle; 2 equal, Shirley Seabury and Iain Nicholson.
Primary 6A - 1, Maureen Young; 2, Joan Geddes; 3, Elizabeth Gray .

Prizes in Primary 5B, 5A, 6B, 6A donated by ex-Provost T Ferguson.

Primary 7B - 1, Janice Galloway; 2, Margaret Stirton; 3, Brian Forbes.
Primary 7A - 1, June McCallum; 2, Patricia Lumsden; 3, Gillian Russell.

Prizes donated by Mr I Duncan.

British Legion Promotions Dux Prize - June McCallum.


Secondary 1Bg - 1, Janice Edgar; 2, Elizabeth Walker.
Secondary 1Bb - 1, Len McAllister; 2, Ian Grant.
Secondary 1Bm - 1, George Cairns; 2, George Findlay.
Secondary 1Ag - 1, Helen Allan; 2, Lyn Robertson.
Secondary 1Ab - Hendry Frew; 2, Charles McLelland.
Secondary 1Am - 1, Margaret Stevenson; 2, Anne Bryce.

Prizes in Secondary 1Ag, 1Ab donated by Messrs R Harris.

Secondary 2Bg - 1, June Hunter; 2, Margaret Milroy.
Secondary 2Bb - 1, John Grove; 2, Denis McKelvie.

Prizes in Secondary 2Bg donated by Mr H Kemp.

Secondary 2Ag - 1, Dinah McCombe; 2, Myra Brown.
Secondary 2Ab - 1, Duncan McInnes ; 2, Ian Gordon.
Secondary 2AB - 1, Margaret McCulloch; 2, Ellen McKnight.

Prizes in Secondary 2Ag, 2Ab donated by Mr J L Porter.

Secondary 3Ag - 1, Nancy Campbell; 2, Maureen Corrigan.
Secondary 3Ab - 1, George Kendal; 2, Richard Muir.

First prize in 3Ag, 3Ab donated by Mr and Mrs T McCully.

Secondary 4B - 1, John Anderson.

Saltcoats Secondary duxes 1967-crop.jpg

Robert Fleck Awards presented by Lord Fleck to commemorate the life and work of his father, Robert Fleck - Nancy Campbell, George Kendal.


Writing ( donated by Mr W B Bryson ) - Pr 6B, Sandra Millar; Pr 6A, David Stratton; Pr 7B, Margaret Stirton; Pr 7A, Evelyn Farrell. Secondary ( donated by Mr N Duncan ) - James Beattie, Donald Reid.

English ( Messrs R Harris and Co ) - Maureen Corrigan. Science ( Mr J L Porter ) - George Kendal. Technical subjects ( Messrs D Peebles and Co ) - George Kendal. Sewing ( Mrs Bryson ) - Elizabeth Nicol. Cookery ( Miss Paton ) - Linda Forbes. Art ( Mrs J Reid ) - William McKinlay. Music ( Miss Harris ) - Janis Wilson.

National Bible Society essay competition - Myra Brown, Dinah McCombe, Alexa Reid, Duncan McInnes. Special prize, Myra Brown. Dinah McCombe's essay received honourable mention.

Brooke Bond competitions : Art - Infants - Kenneth Dailly, James Adamson. Junior - Patrick Breen, Janet Chapman. Senior - David Blair, Robert Vogwell. Handwriting - Junior - Alison McDonald, Evelyn Farrell. Essays - Intermediate - Marian Miller. Senior - George Kendal.

Burns Federation certificates : Primary 3B1, Brian Jemmett; 3B2, Tony Campbell; 3A, Irene Walker; 4B2, Diane Ellis; 4A, Edith Campbell; 5B, Jacqueline Connelly; 5A, Lilian Montgomery; 6B, Elizabeth Gray; 6A, Howard Paton.
Secondary 1Bg, Christine Clinton; 1Bb, Charles McLelland; 1Ag, Ann Alexander; 1Ab, William Edgar; 2Bg, Dinah McCombe; 2Bb, David Blair; 2A, James McCallum; 3Bg, Rose Keith; 3Bb, James Blythe; 3A, Billie Campbell.

Singing of Scottish songs - Secondary 3Ag - Elizabeth Nicol, Wilma Gilmour, Nancy Campbell, Janis Wilson.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme for Girls ( preliminary stage, bronze ) - Myra Brown, Joyce Burns, Sheena Stewart.


Inter-house competition - Douglas; captains Evelyn Grant, George Kendal.
School champions - Primary, Evelyn Farrell, George Moffat.
Secondary ( girls' shield donated by Miss Guy and Miss Porter ) , Mary Pirie and Lynwyn Rourke ( equal ), George Kendal .

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 7th July 1967

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Re: Saltcoats Secondary School : prizelist 1967

Post by sheenaj »

I recall earning my bronze D Of E. award. Would have got my Silver but for a misunderstanding over the outdoor section. We did accomplish the walk to Ayr but due to a misunderstand over the overnight stay,[ intended staying at hostel but that did not happen] after some calls home for advise we ended up staying on the floor of the Ayr Baptist manse home but did make our breakfast outdoors in park. Miss Harper was not well pleased with our effort..So we were supposed to repeat,I decided not to do so. Ca Sera!
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Re: Saltcoats Secondary School : prizelist 1967

Post by josereyes »

Regarding Robert Vogwell (Robert Oliver Vogwell) I used to live at 40 Auchenharvie Road, and Robert lived at number 46 Auchenharvie Road. We were good friends from about aged 9 through to about 14 as I remember and then just drifted apart. Fast forward to now when I was doing some family research and found out from Scottish records that he has no birth record on their database,, which could suggest that he was adopted. He also died very young at age 28 in 1981. I also recall that his brother John looked very different from him. Does anyone know what happened to Robert Vogwell ?
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Re: Saltcoats Secondary School : prizelist 1967

Post by douglaslsutherland »

Robert Vogwells photo recently posted Kyleshill class photo c 64.
Don’t have any other information on him.
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Re: Saltcoats Secondary School : prizelist 1967

Post by Marvin79 »


Hi, I'm Robert Volgwell's youngest Son Graeme
I moved to Australia in 1991 with my mum and have lived her ever since, so reading this stuff about dad by his friends is awesome.
Sadly, I didnt know my dad very long as he passed when I was 2 years old.
I can confirm my Dad along with his brother, John were both adopted. as far as i am aware John is still in Ayrshire.

His friend who lived in 40 Auchenharvie, I would be great to know any info or stories of my dad when he was growing up.
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Re: Saltcoats Secondary School : prizelist 1967

Post by Meg »

A warm welcome to the 3ts Graeme. I didn’t know your dad, but I remember John - he was a regular in the Melbourne cafe when I worked there in the late 1960s.

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Re: Saltcoats Secondary School : prizelist 1967

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John, if we're talking about the same person, is an exceptionally pleasant individual, and very highly respected by his former colleagues, having retired as an Inspector in Strathclyde Police. He still lives, as far as I know, in the Ayr/Prestwick area. I thought he was brought up in Anderson Road, Saltcoats, but maybe my memory is fading.
Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.
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