Saltcoats Shipmasters

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Saltcoats Shipmasters

Post by Hughie » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:36 am

Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald
3 July 1891

Various contributors

Some weeks ago, an old residenter in Saltcoats, whose husband, and we understand, family, had always been connected with the sea, brought to the office a MSS? containing a list of the names of shipmasters, natives of the district, which she had compiled at the request of two young men who had gone abroad. The circumstances are interesting, and the number of names enable? to her memory.

It has for long been a tradition in Saltcoats, that no other seaport town in Scotland had produced so many ships-masters, and here was the proof the tradition was based on substantial fact. For the perfect-?? the list, as far as a list of this kind can be perfected, we are further indebted to Captains ?? Fullarton; Alex. Henderson, James Poe, John Smith, and James Black, who carefully ????? the names originally given, and added more? Some names no doubt will have been edited, and it is just possible a few should be edited to Arran; but this is excusable when it is remembered that the list has been prepared from personal recollections. See further notes at the end of the list.

Capt. Allan Alex, The Montreal Ocean S.S. Company, and Founder of the Allen Line.
Capt. Allan James, The Montreal Ocean S.S. Company.
Capt. Allan Bryce, The Montreal Ocean S.S. Company.
Capt. Allan William, William
Capt. Anderson James, Clitus
Capt. Anderson James, William Campbell
Capt. Anderson John, Atwood.
Capt. Anderson John, son of above.
Capt. Anderson Wm, John.
Capt. Auld Hamilton, Acadian?
Capt. Auld Hamilton, Sea Queen and Cuthbert.
Capt. Auld William, Bellona?
Capt. Auld Thomas, Micmac? and Roseneath.
Capt. Matthew Auld, of the City Line.
Capt. Auld Hugh, of the Glen Line.
Capt. Andrew James, Stella of Greenock.
Capt. Baird Hugh, Commodore and Lord Clyde.
Capt. Barbour Ephrain, Thetis, Ontario.
Capt. Banks Robert, Courier and Royal Albert.
Capt. Barclay James, of the Allan Line.
Capt. Barclay James, Terra-Neve? and Mars.
Capt. Barclay John, of the Allan Line.
Capt. Barclay Wm. of New Zealand S.S. Co.
Capt. Beckett Alexander, Amana
Capt. Black James, Lady Lilford and Black Diamond.
Capt. Black James, Friends, in Irish Trade.
Capt. Blackley, Lost off Land's End.
Capt. Blakeney James, City of Shanghai.
Capt. Blackeney Francis, John Guy or Gay.
Capt. Bolton James, Duke of Wellington, and Jeanie of Grace.
Capt. Bolton Allan, Guiana.
Capt. Bolton Thomas, Brittania.
Capt. Boyd John, Ledi.
Capt. Boyd James, P???y. (Polly?)
Capt. Boyd James, Glendaruel.
Capt. Bowes James, Conquerer.
Capt. Brodie Alex.
Capt. Brown Alexander, Emily.
Capt. Brown Daniel, Mary Ann, Annie and Minerva
Capt. Brown Hugh.
Capt. Brown James, Jeanie Deans.
Capt. Brown John, Brig Eclipse.
Capt. Brown Robert, Union.
Capt. Brown Thomas, Firefly & Glow-worm, Belfast Trade.
Capt. Bryan Gavin, Ayrshire Lass.
Capt. Bryce Robert, Western Belle.
Capt. Bryce Thomas, Falls of Clyde.
Capt. Burns Alexander, Glasgow packet.
Capt. Burns Gavin, Favourite.
Capt. Campbell Boyd, Sevilla.
Capt. Campbell Duncan, Farmer, in the Irish Trade.
Capt. Campbell Duncan, Elanora, son of above.
Capt. Campbell John, Atlanta.
Capt. Cochran.
Capt. Colman Daniel, Three Brothers.
Capt. Colman James, son of above. Hornet.
Capt. Cook James, Robert Drape.
Capt. Cook Robert.
Capt. Corneliius, Drumhendry.
Capt. Cowan Daniel, Toronto.
Capt. Cowan Francis, City of Manchester.
Capt. Craig George. Harliquin, Allan Line.
Capt. Craig Robert, Harrison Line Steamers of Sydney.
Capt. Craig Hugh, Margaret.
Capt. Craig James, Big Industry.
Capt. Craig James, Lauria Dennis
Capt. Craig John, Wee Industry, and Gauntlet.
Capt. Craig Peter, Waterwitch.
Capt. Craig Robert, of R & J. Craig, County Line.
Capt. Craig Robert, County Line.
Capt. Crawford Bryce, Bell.
Capt. Crawford David, Caroline, and Susan.
Capt. Crawford Hugh, Black Diamond.
Capt. Crawford J. A, Susan, and St. James.
Capt. Crawford James, Warner.
Capt. Crawford J. M. India.
Capt. Crawford James, Alpha and Friends.
Commodore. Crawford John, Clyde Shipping Company.
Capt. Crawford James, Auchneath, and
Capt. Crawford John, Strathblane and India - brothers.
Capt. Crawford Matthew, Belhaven.
Capt. Crawford John, Belhaven, son of above.
Capt. Crawford Robert, Nerbudda?
Capt. Crawford Robert, Glencairn, and Anglesea, Allan Line.
Capt. Crawford Robert, Hazard.
Capt. Crawford William.
Capt. Crocker Henry, Farnham.
Capt. Cumming John.
Capt. Currie Archibald, now in Melbourne.
Capt. Currie Robt. William Campbell.
Capt. Dick James, Rosebud, and.
Capt. Dick Wm. Jane and Grace - brothers.
Capt. Duncan James, Lively, in the Irish trade.
Capt. Dunlop George, Supermata, London.
Capt. Dunlop John, Industry.
Capt. Dunlop John, Guiana, son of above.
Capt. Dunlop George, Jane Brown - took the first cargo of tea from China to Glasgow direct. Sons of above.
Capt. Dunlop George, Wandsworth.
Capt. Dunlop William, Hindoostan.
Capt. Dunlop George, Arima. Son of the above George Dunlop.
Capt. Easdale William, Eclipse and Bonneter.
Capt. Ellis Andrew, Harbour-master, Bluff New Zealand.
Capt. Ewer, Iberia.
Capt. Ferguson Robert, Parsee?
Capt. Fullarton Adam,
Capt. Fullarton Jas. Ashgrove and Euphrates.
Capt. Hughan Farrow, Wood, and Hougart drowned in trying to save the crew of the Trelawney Stevenston shore.
Capt. Gallie.
Capt. Galloway William, Black Diamond.
Capt. Gemmel William, Adam white.
Capt. Glenn, Jeannie.
Capt. Good William, Jane and Grace.
Capt. Gordon James, Smith's City Line.
Capt. Grimwood John, County of Ayr.
Capt. Haggarty Adam, Welcome.
Capt. Hamilton, Margaret Graham.
Capt. Hamilton James, Big Industry.
Capt. Hamilton William, Glenifer and Abiona.
Capt. Harvey James, The Rankin of Irvine.
Capt. Harvey Robert, The Lively, Irish Trade
Capt. Harvey Archibald, Ida.
Capt. Harvey Thom. Pekin and Three Brothers.
Capt. Henderson Alexander, Retired, for 25 years Harbour-master, Port Glasgow.
Capt. Henderson James, Eliza Stewart.
Capt. Hendry Daniel, Smith's Line.
Capt. Higgins, Palgrave.
Capt. Houston, Maid of Orleans.
Capt. How James, Britannia.
Capt. Hyslop James, Hibernia.
Capt. Ingram David.
Capt. Jack Robert.
Capt. Johnstone C. Lord Harding.
Capt. Kelso James, Nyasea.
Capt. Kelso John, Pomhaton and Columbine.
Capt. Kelso John, Woodman and Lord Montgomerie.
Capt. Kennedy Peter, brig Elza.
Capt. Kerr Robert, Index.
Capt. Kerr Daniel, Scottish Bard.
Capt. Kerr Duncan, Pollock and Gilmour's Employ.
Capt. Kerr John, of the Allan Line s.s. Canadian and Lucerne.
Capt. Kerr John, Chippe????
Capt. Lambie.
Capt. Leitch Archibald.
Capt. Leitch George, s.s. Avon.
Capt. Leitch Robert, Commodore Inman Line.
Capt. Leitch John, Commodore Cunard Line.
Capt. Leitch Robert, Robert Drape.
Capt. Levens James, Ann Grant.
Capt. Linton, Mary Harrington.
Capt. Little Charles, James Hamilton.
Capt. Little James, Mary Wilson.
Capt. Little Kennedy, Adam White.
Capt. Little Walter, Farnham.
Capt. Little Walter.
Capt. Martin James, Victoria.
Capt. Martin James.
Capt. Martin John, Liverpool schooners.
Capt. Martin David, Rotterdam Trade.
Capt. Millar James, Friends and Lively, Dublin Trade.
Capt. Millar James, Active and Nerbudda.
Capt. Miller Betsy, Clitus.
Capt. Miller Hannah, Clitus.
Capt. Miller Robert, Warrior - brothers and sisters.
Capt. Miller William, Cuban.
Capt. Miller William, Kyleshill.
Capt. Miller William, City of Oxford, City Lines.
Capt. Mitchell John, Ardmillan, Allan Line.
Capt. Morris Hugh, Castle Lochland.
Capt. Murphy Duncan, Black Douglas.
Capt. McAlister John.
Capt. McAlister Charles, Superb.
Capt. McCreadie, Banner.
Capt. McDonnell, Black Douglas.
Capt. McDonald Angus.
Capt. McFee Charles, Consolation.
Capt. McFee Dugald, Fedelity.
Capt. McFee James, Patience.
Capt. McFee Robert, Adania, now of Anchor Line, son of above.
Capt. McFee John, Creseda?, Charles Jones, and Springhill.
Capt. McFee John, Oriental and Ariel.
Capt. McFee Peter, Eliza, and Harbour-Master, Ardrossan.
Capt. McFee John, Alexandria; and
Capt. McFee Thomas, ???? of above.
Capt. McFee Archd. schooner John.
Capt. McGowan John, Strathleven.
Capt. McGown, son of above.
Capt. McIntosh, Aurora and Warrior.
Capt. McIntyre James, Corina.
Capt. McKenzie Dugald.
Capt. McKenzie David, vessel belonging to Mr Wylie, Troon.
Capt. McKenzie Gilbert, vessel belonging to Mr Smith, Stevenston.
Capt. McKenzie Malvern, late of Lizzie.
Capt. McKenzie Neil, Cygnet.
Capt. McKinnon Malcolm, Ida.
Capt. McKinnon William, Ellinor.
Capt. McMaster Duncan, Mizpak.
Capt. McMillan Daniel, Drumhendry
Capt. McMillan James, Algeria and Woolfville.
Capt. McMillan James, Anglesea.
Capt. McKenzie, Mistress of the Seas.
Capt. McMillan, Archd. Cape Verde.
Capt. McNeil Wm. Staffa and City of Toronto, Allan Line.
Capt. McNeil Jas. Ann Johnstone.
Capt. McNeil Samuel, Randolf - a brother.
Capt. McNaughton Tom, Dundee.
Capt. McKinlay Duncan, Aurica and Horea?
Capt. Neilson.
Capt. Nicol, Harbour-master, Port Glasgow.
Capt. Nicol A. son of above, Mayflower.
Capt. Poe James, Glendaruel? Allan Line.
Capt. Poe John, Duke of Cornwall, uncle to above.
Capt. Poe John, Lady Cornwall, son.
Capt. Poe William, Europa, nephew of James Poe.
Capt. Ritchie Andrew, Lake Superior.
Capt. Ritchie David, Wolfville.
Capt. Ritchie David, nephew of above.
Capt. Ritchie James, Agnes.
Capt. Ritchie Andrew, Wee Industry and signet.
Capt. Ritchie Joseph, Janet Kidston.
Capt. Ritchie William, Claribel.
Capt. Ritchie Alexander, Signal.
Capt. Ritchie Joseph, Druid, The Druid was the crack China clipper that the elder Joseph Ritchie had his best days in 1843
Capt. Robertson, Alexander, Willie Glen.
Capt. Robertson Daniel, Risk.
Capt. Robertson John, Assel? and Dinmore.
Capt. Robertson Thomas, Warrier.
Capt. Roberson William.
Capt. Ronald Alexander, Duke of Cornwall.
Capt. Russell Archibald, Columbia.
Capt. Russell Gavin, Endeavour.
Capt. Russell John, Cumbria.
Capt. Ross, James Hamilton.
Capt. Ross James, Loch Rannoch, son.
Capt. Sangster George, Fanny.
Capt. Sclater, Diana, Port-Warden of Montreal.
Capt. Sclater Robert, Lake Huron.
Capt. Scott John, City of Dublin.
Capt. Scott John, Bell.
Capt. Scott Archibald, Olinda.
Capt. Scott William,
Capt. Croll.
Capt. Semple, Afton - come to live here.
Capt. Service George, Port Captain, Melbourne.
Capt. Service Robert, Constellation, brother of above.
Capt. Service James, Constellation, first ship of City Line.
Capt. Service Quinton, Susan.
Capt. Shanks David, Ceile and Margaret.
Capt. Shanks Walter, Joseph Rowan.
Capt. Shaw John, Allan Line.
Capt. Shearer Colin, Nancy.
Capt. Sharp, Annabella Clark.
Capt. Shaw John, Albion and Medora.
Capt. Shearer Duncan, Caledonia.
Capt. Sim Robert, Bell.
Capt. Sim James, Lady Mongomerie.
Capt. Sim John, Nelly.
Capt. Smith Alexander, Adam White.
Capt. Smith James, Queen of the Seas.
Capt. Smith James, Brechin Castle, and Victor.
Capt. Smith Hugh, sen. Father. ----------------
Capt. Smith Hugh, jun Son, Essex.
Capt. Smith John, Grandson.
Capt. Smith John, Shipowner.
Capt. Smith William, Teacum???
Capt. Steel Archibald, late Harbour Master, Ardrossan
Capt. Steel James, Hannah and Mary Allan.
Capt. Stevenson James.
Capt. Stevenson John.
Capt. Stewart Alex. Mary Hogarth.
Capt. Stewart John, St. Mungo.
Capt. Stirling Arch. Farnham.
Capt. Stirling George, Sarah.
Capt. Stirling Robert, Shener.
Capt. Stirling John, Commander, Clyde Shipping Co.
Capt. Stirrat Matthew, Glenfinart.
Capt. Stirrat Robert, Hannah Landles.
Capt. Stirrat William, Margaret.
Capt. Symons, Clitus.
Capt. Taylor Archibald, City of Brussels.
Capt. Taylor Duncan, City of Corinth.
Capt. Taylor Edward.
Capt. Taylor Gilbert, Nyassa
Capt. Taylor Robert, of the Sire Line.
Capt. Torrance Charles, Cynthia.
Capt. Torrance Robert, senr., Londonderry, and Cynthia.
Capt. Torrance Robert, junr., City of Glasgow.
Capt. Torrance Houston, Jane Archibald and Eclipse
Capt. Torrance Wm. Ayrshire Lass, son of above.
Capt. Torrance Archibald, Cherokee.
Capt. Ure, Vascon De Guander.
Capt. Wallace, Killna.
Capt. Wallace Robt. Black Diamond.
Capt. Wallace Robt. son of above.
Capt. Waterson John, Helen.
Capt. Watt James, Arran.
Capt. Watt James, Lady Lilford.
Capt. Watt Robert, Edward Cardwell.
Capt. Wilson Daniel, Ariel.
Capt. Wilson John, son, Mercator and Ann Grant.
Capt. Wilson John R. junr., Kerlaw.
Capt. Wilson John, Amand, and fruit trader.
Capt. Wylie Hugh, first Marine Superintendent. Allan Line Glasgow.
Capt. Wylie Hugh, retired. Has commanded 14 steamers, Allan Line.
Capt. Wylie James, Commodore Allan Line. Now retired.
Capt. Wylie Matthew, Black Diamond and Industry.
Capt. Wylie Hugh, Olego, of Ardrossan.
Capt. Wylie John, St. Andrew - crack ship of the day Montreal trade.
Capt. Wylie James, Bellone? - crack ship of the day Montreal trade.
Capt. Young Hugh, Sen Jeanie, Irish trade.
Capt. Young William, s.s. William Connel, and Kate.
Capt. Young Hugh, s.s. City of Rome.
Capt. Young Hugh, St. Mungo and Montreal.

Other names, long identified with the place, but not natives, will be suggested by looking over the list. The three brothers, Hooks, for example, were natives of Irvine; the Montgomeries, father and son : Blackeney of the Isle of Arran; Legg of the Star of Bengal - were Irishmen; Jan. Goodwin, father of the Goodwin Brothers, ship chandlers: Hugh Anderson, of the Dynamite Co.'s steamer; William Martin, of Loch Booms; Farrer, Beaton, Dodd. Wm. Kinnear, Robert Ferrier, McGregor, McSparran, &c.

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Re: Saltcoats Shipmasters

Post by Hughie » Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:39 am

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald
11 September 1891

Saltcoats and Ardrossan Shipmasters (Additional)

Capt. James Baillie, deceased, Lenore.
Capt. James Baillie, son of above, Elliot.
Capt. James Bannatyne.
Capt. John Bannatyne.
Capt. Thomas Bannatyne.
Capt. Archibald McBride, Sister Ann.
Capt. Andrew Brown, Venus.
Capt. William Brownlie.
Capt. Breckenridge, Hester.
Capt. Robert Colman.
Capt. Hugh Crawford.
Capt. James Currie, King of Algeria.
Capt. Dow.
Capt. Tom Dunlop, senr., coast trade.
Capt. Tom Dunlop, junr., Australian trade.
Capt. John Kasdale, Liverpool trade.
Capt. Edward Ellecott, Mount Hebren?
Capt. Farrow.
Capt. Hunter Finnie, Union.
Capt. T.B. Ferguson, City of Cashmere.
Capt. Peter Grimwood, James Hamilton.
Capt. Charles Hendry, John Smith.
Capt. Andrew Hepburn, Sir Lancelot.
Capt. Hogarth, Farmer.
Capt. John Hawthorn.
Capt. Andrew Irvine, G. R. Coonan?
Capt. Thomas Kennedy, Mary.
Capt. John Kinnear, Mary.
Capt. William Kinnear, Catherine.
Capt. Charles Logan, Pericles?
Capt. James McBride, Pars?
Capt. Daniel Mathieson.
Capt. Robert Montgomery, Emm????
Capt. John McCallum.
Capt. John McKelvie, Sutherland.
Capt. Robert McKelvie, E????
Capt. Archd. McMillan, Cape Verdi.
Capt. Alex. McMillan, Britannia.
Capt. Gereman? McMillan.
Capt. John McKenzie, Mary Wilson.
Capt. Robert McNabb.
Capt. John McAllister
Capt. Daniel McMillan, Wave.
Capt. Robert McQueen, Sprite.
Capt. James Pettigrew, Union.
Capt. Frank Ritchie, Acadian.
Capt. Thomas Shaw, Vancouver.
Capt. John Steedman, sailing in China seas.
Capt. Peter Taylor, Loch Esk.
Capt. Alex. Thoms? City of Calcutta.
Capt. Robert Thomson, Lady Lilford.
Capt. Archd. Thomson, Maggie B. Smith
Capt. Andrew Thomson, Jean Duffic?
Capt. John Waters.
Capt. Robert Watt, Loch Lomond.
Capt. William Wilson.
Capt. Alexander Wilson, Harvest Home.
Capt. Wood, Jean and Ann.
Capt. Wylie, Brothers.

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