Pea and Ham Soup

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Re: Pea and Ham Soup

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One of the lads in our men's kitchen suggested using these bacon chops from Aldi's instead of a hock. Seeing it will be the last soup now the warmer weather is due, I gave it a go. Not quite as good as a hock (but half the price). Probably needed one or two of those Knorr ham stock cubes - don't think we have them here in Oz.

Wife reckons the shredded meat from the hock was better (I diced the chops after cooking). I think the chops might have been a wee bit too lean. Might try them with a proper fry-up one day. :roll:

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Re: Pea and Ham Soup

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bonzo wrote: Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:32 pm I think you still get grannys soup in the shops.
Any excuse for this
Missed this earlier, great stuff!

And .. "A bum like the Bonanza Map" //funny
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