St Andrew's Academy prizelists 1972, 1973

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St Andrew's Academy prizelists 1972, 1973

Post by down south » Fri May 01, 2020 3:35 pm

Here is the prizelist for the new St Andrew's Academy in 1972.

Certificates of distinction :

Class F1 - Mary Breen, Peter Brodie, John Burns, Joseph Burns, Anne Cassidy, Frances Cloherty.
F2 - John Cannon, Pierro Carrino, Eileen Donlevy, Marietta Dorby, Rosaleen Dorrian, Marie Louise Durning.
F3 - Thomas Donahue, Cosimo Farro, Catherine Forde, Caroline Foy, Mary Grant, Mary Gregg.
F4 - David Gallagher, Sandra Higgins, Liam Hornby,Helen Hume, Linda Johnstone, Gerard McAloon.
F5 - Allan McColm, James McCrindle, Joyce McDermid, Angela McGee, Colette McGinty, William McGuire.
F6 - Fergus McSkimming, Anne Mitchell, Carole Anne Mullen, Christine Murphy.
F7 - Margaret Newell, Marie Therese Northcote, Suzanne Piacentini, George Poole, Hilary Quinn, Francis Reilly.
F8 - Clare Smyth, Elizabeth Stevenson, Helen Stewart, Margaret Taggart, John Thomson, Cecelia Timmons, Ann Trench, Anne Whiston.

Class S1 - Anne Anderson, Robert Harvey, Michael Kilday, Linda Piacentini.
S2 - Philip Coby, Patricia Douglas, Pamela McEvoy, Joyce Reid.
S3 - Bridget Aldridge, Thomas Anderson, Maria Sheils.
S4 - Paul Beattie, Ian Stuart, Gordon Sutherland, Amelia Tierney.

Class T1 - Frances Durning, Esther Gibbons, Louis Giovanetti. Margaret McCallie.
T2 - Geraldine Burns, Robert Smallridge.
T3 - James Clarke, John Hamilton, Gerard Kelly, Peter Kelly, Lorraine O'Sullivan.

Road Safety Certificate : Allan McColm.

Sports champions : Junior boy - Roy Aitken ( F1 ) ; junior girl - Jane Rourke ( F8 ) ; senior boy - Michael Gallagher ( S1 ); senior girl - Margaret Mary Walsh ( S3 ) .

Inter-house championship : Morville ( Joseph Conwell ).

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 30th June 1972


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Re: St Andrew's Academy prizelists 1972, 1973

Post by down south » Fri May 08, 2020 3:07 pm

Here now is the prizelist for 1973.

The prizewinners at St Andrew's Academy, Saltcoats for session 1972-73 were the undernoted : -


Form S1 : 1S1 - John McLaughlin, James Campbell, Bernadette Love, Geraldine Craig.
2S1 - John McCourt, Philip Rourke,Mari Mitchell, Zoriada Banayad.
3S1 - Patrick E Brusnahan, Gordon McArthur, Elizabeth Tumilty, Elizabeth Donnelly.
4S1 - Lawrence McCarthy, Martin Beirne, Laura Mazzolini, Kathleen McKellar.
5S1 - Alan White, Ian Douglas, Margaret Milgrew, Margaret Dorby.
6S1 - Robert J Monan, John McCann, Fiona Higgins, Maria McCrindle.

Form S2 : 1S2- Peter Brodie, John Burns, Anne Cassidy, Janet Crichton.
2S2 - Piero Carrino, John Cannon, Eileen Doherty, Louise Durning.
3S2 - Thomas Donohue, Cosimo Farro, Mary Grant, Caroline Foy.
4S2 - Liam Hornby, Brian Griffin, Sandra Higgins, Josephine Irvine.
5S2 - James McCrindle, Alan McColm, Joyce McDermid, Angela McGee.
6S2 - Richard Northcote, Fergus McSkimming, Anne Mitchell, Carol Anne Mullen.
7S2 - Francis Reilly, George Poole, Hilary Quinn, Marie Theresa Northcote.
8S2 - John Thompson, Michael Young, Anne Whiston, Helen Stewart.

Form S3 : John McMillan ( Arithmetic ), Linda Piacentini ( History ), Catherine O'Pray ( Biology ) , Linda Piacentini ( French ), Catherine Wilson ( Home Economics ) , Iain Stuart ( Technical Subjects ), Rose Wardrope and Linda Piacentini ( Commerce ), Charles Smith ( Statistics ), Thomas Ferguson ( Physical Education ), Joseph Gillon ( Chemistry ).

Form S4 : Anne White ( English), Anne White ( Mathematics ), Anne Higgins ( Home Economics ), Anne Higgins ( Commerce ), Bernard Donnachie ( Chemistry ), France Durning ( Music ).


Form S1 : 1S1 - John Taggart, Josephine Sweeney.
2S1 - William Gribben, Anne Donnelly.
3S1 - Iain Higgins, Margaret Motroni.
4S1 - Gerald O'Connor. Anne McGrattan.
5S1 - John McCormick, Lynn Welsh.
6S1 - David Brodie, Dorothy Ann Ross.

Form S2 : 1S2 - Joseph Burns, Frances Cloherty .
2S2 - Thomas Clarke, Mary Dorby.
3S2 - Raymond Dickson, Margaret Grear.
4S2 - William McAloon, Helen Hume.
5S2 - Andrew McGhee, Isobel McEvoy.
6S2 - James O'Hare, Christne Murphy.
7S2 - Liam Smith, Suzanne Piacentini.
8S2 - William Taggart, Cecelia Timmons.

Additional awards : 2S2 - John Convery. 8S2 - Vincent Steele. 8S2 - Stephen Tait.

Form S3 : English - Linda Piacentini, Rose Wardrope, Anne Smith, John McMillan, Alan Parry.
Geography - Gordon Sutherland, Michael Kenefick.
French - Rose Wardrope, Margaret M White.
Home Economics - Patricia Douglas, Eileen McCabe,Elaine Gough, Gwen Smyth, Catherine Courtney, Amelia Tierney.
Technical Subjects - Brian Hannah, Gordon Sutherland, Michael Kenefick, Michael Cassidy, John McMillan.
Commerce - Margaret M White, Carol Anne O'Rourke, Ann Smith, Joyce Reid, Michele Berry.
Music - Patricia Douglas, Ann Smith, Anne Kelly, Margaret Brannan, Anne Watson, Joyce Reid, Linda Piacentini.
Art - Brian Hannah, Kevin McGuire, John McMillan, Daniel Quinn, Anthony McGreevy, Lawrence McColgan.
Physical Education - Patrick Tomelty, Kevin mcGuire, John McMillan, Lawrence McGoogan, Brian Hannah, Charles Smith.
History - Linda Farrell, Michael Cassidy, Micheal Kenefick, Gordon Sutherland.
Chemistry - Frances O'Pray, Linda Piacentini, Anne Smith, Margaret Mary White, Eileen McCabe,Frank Ward, Michael Kilday, James Pllu, Robert Harvey.

Form S4 : English - Frances Durning.
History - Anne White.
Chemistry - Anne White, Frances Durning, Margaret McCallie.
Technical Subjects - Gerald Kelly.
Commerce - Hannah McLachlan, Sheila Welsh, Henrietta McGonigle.


Senior boy - Roy Aitken. Senior girl - Jane Rourke. Junior boy - Terence O'Boyle. Junior girl - Mara Motroni.

House championship - Eglinton.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 28th June 1973


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