St Peter's prizelists 1967, 1970, 1971, 1972

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St Peter's prizelists 1967, 1970, 1971, 1972

Post by down south » Fri Apr 03, 2020 3:34 pm

Here is the prizelist for St Peter's RC Secondary for 1967.

Margaret McAuliffe dux of St Peter's 1967.jpg
Dux Medals : Secondary department - Margaret McAuliffe. Primary department - Marion Mitchell. Medals gifted by Very Rev Canon Fischer.

Religious Knowledge - Annie Murpry, Margaret McAuliffe. Prizes gifted by Knights of St Columba, Council No 6.

Mental Arithmetic - Marion Mitchell, Elizabeth Little . Prizes gifted by Mr Harry Kemp.

Domestic subjects - Linda Staples. Prize gifted by Mrs MacNamara,

Art Prizes - Susan Reilly, Andrea D'Allessandro. Prizes gifted by Mr Butler and Mrs Yaxley.

Commercial subjects - Kay Boyle.

Technical subjects - Paul Kelly.

Science Prize for application - Peter Grant. Prize gifted by Mr Loy.

Headmaster's Prize for application : Secondary department - John McKinney. Primary department - Josephine Gibbons.

Holy Childhood statuette - Anne Ireland.

Sports Shield : House - St Andrew's . Captains - Michael McGoldrick, Anne Ferguson.

Individual champions : Senior Boys - Michael McGoldrick. Senior Girls - Annette McColl. Junior Boys - Philip McIntee. Junior Girls - Carol Scott.


Secondary department : IIIB - Elizabeth Petrie, Jeannette O'Donnell.
IIIC - Anne Ferguson, James Quirk.

IIA - Mark Cairney, Susan Reilly.
IIB - James Keegans, Anna D'Allessandro.
IIC - Susan McGinn, Agnes Clarke.
IID - Donald Vance, Richard Irvine.

IA - John Quigg, Frederica Miller.
IB - Terence Morrison, John McColl, Gerard McChrystall.
IC - Elizabeth Young, Michael Fowley.
ID - John Quinn, Elizabeth O'Hare.

Primary department : Trans - Robert Kelso.
VIIa - Fiona McGregor.
VIa - Patricia Carson.
VIb - Thomas McGowan.
V - Shirley Stewart.
IVa - Dominic Gribben.
IVb - James McKay.
III - Alexander Sayers.


Secondary department : IIIA - Elizabeth Boyd, Paul Hamilton.
IIIB - Neil Madden, Linda Foy.
IIIC - James Quirk, Robert O'Pray.

IIA - Mark Cairney, William Montgomery, Susan Reilly, Linda Connick.
IIB - Thomas Forde, John Monaghan, Maureen O'Donnell, Anna D'Allessandro.
IIC - Stephen Conway, Thomas O'Donnell, Christopher Pepper.
IID - Edward Cairns, Mary Gallagher, Isobel McEvoy.

IA - Andrea D'Allessandro, Eleanor Scott, Maria Di Carlo.
IB - Patricia Marshall, Brenda Smith, Brenda McClelland.
IC - Louis Scott, Shona Thomson, Kathleen Fleming.
ID - David Gallagher, Liam Gilmour, William Fitzsimmons.

Primary department :Trans - James Carson, Teresa Magee, Marion Mitchell.
VII - Fiona McGregor, Theresa McLaughlin, Elizabeth Little.
VIa - Brian Dolan, Sheila Love and Eileen Tumilty ( equal ).
VIb - Marie Donohue, Rosalind Gibney, Antony Da Prato.
V - Adrienne Bigham, Shirley Stewart, Sharon Stirling.
IVa - June Milligan, Pater Magee, Dominic Gribben.
IVb - Robert Aitken, Lorna Doyle and Liam Taggart and William Hendry.
III - Gerard McAloon, Fergus McSkimming, Gerard Coulter.


Six years - Hugh Cunningham.
Five years - Thomas Coulter.
Three years - Paul Kelly, Catherine Scullion.
Two years - Teresa Magee, Marie Donohue, Theresa Kelly., Margaret Courtney, Dominic Gribben, Helen McGee.
One year - Margaret McAuliffe, Susan Reilly, Thomas O'Donnell, Susan McGinn,Andrea D'Allessandro, Martin Bell, Thomas Cunningham, Joseph Simpson, Frances McGinn, Moira McLaughlin, Gerard Long, Charles McGrattan, Stephen McCabe, George Tumilty, Sally Ann McIntee, Anne Marie Scott, Francis Coulter, Philip McAuliffe, Peter McLaughlin, James Sheehan, Linda Smyth, Karen Byers, Mary Ferguson, Joseph McAteer, Frances Tracy, Claire McLaughlin, Anthony McGreevy, Thomas Donohue, Ann Fitzpatrick, Mary T McAteer, Anthony Cairns, Gerard Coulter, Margaret Grear, Marion Kelly, Lynn McGee, Lynn Byers.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 7th July 1967


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Re: St Peter's prizelists 1967, 1970, 1971, 1972

Post by down south » Fri Apr 10, 2020 3:29 pm

Here now is the prizelist for 1970.


Dux medals : Secondary, James Murray. Primary, John McLaughlin.

Primary mathematics, John McLaughlin.

Domestic subjects, Margaret Dorrian.

Technical prize, Charles McGrattan.

Science prize for application, Michael Cavani.

Headmaster's prize for application : Secondary, James Kelly. Primary, Thomas Donohue, Joyce McDermid.

Sports prizes : Sports shield, St Columba's House ( captains, James Wardrope, Elizabeth McColl ).

Individual champions : Senior boys, Francis Rourke; senior girls, Patricia O'Boyle; junior boys, David Cunningham; junior girls, Maureen Pentleton.

Youth service volleyball : George Anderson, Harold Pellegrini, John Cunningham, Terence Burns, James Wardrope, Thomas Anderson, Ian White.

Youth service basketball : Thomas Anderson, Matthew Brady, Terence Burns,John Cunningham, Harold Pellegrini, James Wardrope.

Cook of the Year competition : Matthew Brady.

Balloon to the Moon race : Margaret Donnelly, Irvine Buckley, Karen Byers, Eileen Donlevy.


IIIA - Ian White, Margaret Dorrian, Hugh Conway.
IIIB - Stephen O'Sullivan, Deirdre Brown.
IIIC - Orville Buckley, Arthur McLaughlin, Denise Cochrane, Catherine McKinlay.

IIA - Michael Fitzpatrick, Anthony Forbes, Janice McGhee, Patricia O'Boyle.
IIB - Peter Burns, Thomas Anderson, Mary Kean, Marie Conway.
IIC - Henrietta Dillon, Mary T Murphy, Geraldine Meechan.

F1 - Patricia Toher, Frances Durning, Christine Foy.
F2 - Sandra Simpson, Ann Higgins, Mary Conway.
F3 - Morgan Slavin, William Kenefick, Margaret McCallie.
F4 - James Reilly, John McLeod, Luchelle Moriarty.

P7a - Peter Magee, Dominic Gribben.
P7b - Helen Stewart, Ann Whitton, Janet Crichton.
P6 - Gerard McAloon,John Thompson, Fergus McSkimming.
P5a - Elizabeth Tumilty, Geraldine Craig, John Ireland.
P5b - Clair Bale, Caroline Cahill, Maria Blake.
P4 - Christopher Gurney, John Scullion, Hugh Taylor.
P3a - Brigid Thompson, William Breslin, Christopher Moran.
P3b - Allana Bradley, Jane A Gribben, Lorraine Bell, Matthew Byrne, Gareth Buckley.


Six years - Catherine McKinlay.
Five years - Theresa Kelly, Helen Magee.
Four years - Ann Fitzpatrick.
Two years - Martha Gailey, Anthony Cairns, John Scullion, Janice McGhee, Cosimo Farro.
One year - Terence Burns, Michael Fitzpatrick, Margaret McCallie, Josephine Sweeney, Michael Tate, Pauline McFadyen, Stephen Pacewicz, Charles McGrattan, Geraldine Burns, Liam Taggart, Seamus Donohue, Catherine McBreen, Michael Donohue.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 3rd July 1970


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Re: St Peter's prizelists 1967, 1970, 1971, 1972

Post by down south » Fri Apr 17, 2020 3:16 pm

And here is the prizelist for 1971.This is the last year of St Peter's as a secondary school.


Dux trophies : Secondary, Carole Millar; primary, William G McAloon.

Primary mathematics : Ann Whiston, Fergus McSkimming ( prizes gifted by Mr Harry Kemp ).

Domestic subjects : Mary A Clarke, Mary Keane ( prizes gifted by Mrs McNamara ).

Commercial subjects : Patricia O'Boyle, Patricia Toher ( prizes gifted by Mrs McCauley ) .

Sports prizes :

Gymnasts' prizes : Patrcia O'Boyle, Ann Harper ( prizes gifted by Mrs Anderson ).

Winning house :St Ninian's ( captains Joseph Pellegrini, Isobel Kelly ).

Individual champions : Senior boys , Joseph Pellegrini; senior girls, Patricia O'Boyle; junior boys , Michael Gallagher; junior girls , Rosaleen Loughran.

Picture here of the duxes and sports champions :

St Peters duxes 1971.JPG


IIIA - Daniel Canavan, John Tracey, Janice McGhee.
IIIB - Thomas Fitzpatrick, James Riviere, Catherine Erskine, Catherine McKinlay.

IIA - Louis Giovanetti, Bernard Donnachie, Patricia Toher, Sandra Simpson.
IIB - Robert Smallridge, Robert Lennox, Anna McLachlan, Geraldine Burns.
IIC - John McLeod, James Reilly, Luchelle Moriarty, Agnes Dorrian.

F1 - Robert Harvey, Peter Monaghan, Davina Stirrat.
F2 - Linda Piacentini, Anne M Anderson, Maureen Dougan.
F3 - Archie Hamilton, Rose Wardrope, Ann Ireland.
F4 - John Coyne, Francis O'Rourke, Bridget White.

Primary : 7a1 - Ann Whiston, Roy Aitken, Helen Stewart.
P7a2 - Gerard McAloon, Fergus McSkimming, John Thompson.

P6a - Elizabeth Tumilty, Kathleen McKellar,John Ireland.
P6b - Clair Bale, James Donohoe, Marie Blake.

P5 - John Scullion, Robert McNamara, Christopher Gurney and Lynn Byers.

P4a1 - Christopher Moran, John D Cunningham, Ian Clarke.
P4a2 - William Breslin, Elizabeth A Walsh, Mairi McKenzie.
P4b - Andrew Hazelton, Jane A Gribben and Derrick Trainer, Allana Bradley.

P3a - Mary McAloon, Margaret Kelly, Joan Moran.
P3b - Marie Burns, Patricia Coby, James McAteer.


Six years - Helen McGee.
Five years - Ann Fitzpatrick.
Three years - Martha Galley, Cosimo Farro, Janice McGhee, John Scullion.
Two years - Michael Fitzpatrick, Geraldine Burns, Margaret McCallie, Micheal Donohue.
One year - William Cooper, John McMiillan, Michael Kilday, Ann Whiston, Jack Conway, Thomas Milligan, Bernadette Love, Clair Bale, Caroline Cahill, Paul Stewart , William Thorburn, Brigid Thompson, David Shaw, Jane A Gribben, Hilda Cotter, Moira Montgomery, Catherine O'Pray, James Pllu, Gerard Dorrian, Gerard Coulter, John McKenzie, Catherine Coby, Anne M Smallridge, Maria Blake, Linda Hamilton, Margaret Quigg, James R Smyth, Paul McLaughlin, Julie Little, Carol Nixon, Joseph Scullion.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 2nd July 1971


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Re: St Peter's prizelists 1967, 1970, 1971, 1972

Post by Kittywake » Tue Apr 21, 2020 5:17 pm

down south, There may be a wee mistake re. one the pupils name's .. 'Michael Gallagher' I believe is correctly named as an Individual Sports Champion, but in the photo provided (A&S Herald?) his name appears as 'Alex Gallacher' ?

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Re: St Peter's prizelists 1967, 1970, 1971, 1972

Post by down south » Fri Apr 24, 2020 3:36 pm

Thanks for the confirmation that Michael Gallagher is the correct name, Kittywake. Think we have another faulty caption here; Elizabeth Tumilty must be the correct spelling, since she's appeared as such in previous years.

The prizelist, such as it is, for St Peter's Primary in 1972:

Elizabeth Tumilty, dux of St Peter's Primary 1972.jpg

Dux Medal : Elizabeth Tumilty, P7a.


Two years - Catherine Coby, Anne Marie Smallridge, Hilda Cotter. Brigid Thompson, Roger Smyth, Michael Donohue, David Shaw.

One year - Dorothy Campbell, Catherine McColgan, Guilia Moroni, Theresa Petrie, Josephine Sweeney, Catherine McBreen, James Donohue, John Shaw, Alec Ferguson, Pietro Farro, Stephen Moran, Patrick McCaul, Karen Fitzpatrick, Hugh Ward, Patrick Sweeney, Pauline McFadyen, Anthony Clarke, Michael McGowan, Carron Montgomery, Martin Hamilton, John Trainer.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 39th June 1972


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