Glencairn Primary : headmaster's report 1972

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Glencairn Primary : headmaster's report 1972

Post by down south » Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:20 pm

Here is the headmaster's report for the first year of Glencairn Primary School.


In his first report as headmaster of Glencairn Primary School, Stevenston, Mr David R Maloy referred to proposals to renovate the school.

He said that at a recent meeting of the Education Sub-committee Provost Gooding, the school convener, raised the matter of th state of buildings and facilities - or rather lack of facilities - at Glencairn Primary School. " He was not alone in this , " said Mr Maloy, " for many, parents as well as the Parents' Association committee, have repeatedly laid complaints at my door and demanded immediate action. Obviously they are unaware of the devious ways of county councils and education committees who need time to prepare programmes on renovations and replacements. However, Mr Waddell, assistant director of education, wrote to me on March 31 inviting my observations on the conversion of the buildings from secondary to primary use.

" The following were my observations, in order of priority : - Complete removal of outside toilets, and replacement with inside facilities; provision of new staffroom; complete renovation within main building to provide four open classrooms each with inside toilet/cloakroom facilities;tiling of all stone and flagged corridors ( a start has already been made this week ); provision of medical room, fully equipped; conversion of science room to hall/general purposes room; new hot water supply for infant building; renewal of outer doors and inner swing doors to infant building; primary hall to have doors and partitions to reduce draughts and noise; provision of lay-by at front of school to reduce congestion on road.

" These proposals were passed to the county architect's department who in turn sent an architect and the clerk of works to examine their feasibility and estimate the cost. Acting on the architect's report, Mr Waddell on June 7 visited the school to finalise the recommendations to be laid before the appropriate committee of the county council. the estimate cost is in the region of 15 to 20 thousand pounds. If the architect's report is accepted and if the county council recommend the necessary expenditure, then we can look forward to a complete face-lift to the old school.

" Mr Waddell is further recommending that the Higher Grade building should be demolished, since it is in need of urgent and costly repair and is not required for primary school purposes. Of the three huts two may be removed while one will be retained to allow foor our increasing school roll. This technical building will remain and be utilised by other county departments. Mr Waddell hopes to find a place in the 1972-73 programme for the replacement of the outside toilets !

" I sincerely hope, " said Mr Maloy, " that these proposals will be acceptable to the Education committee and that an early start will be made to carrying out the alterations.

"I would like to express my appreciation for the valuable help given to me by three members of the Stevenston Primary's Parents Association - Mr Yarr, Mr Baker and Mr Kerr. These gentlemen spent much of their own time going over the buildings with me and discussing technical aspects entailed. Their advice proved sound and helpful. The Parents' Association have also helped in the choice of school colours, school badge and school uniform; and have donated £5 towards our sports prize fund. May I acknowledge our indebtedness to them. I would also express my indebtedness to Rev Iain Roy, school chaplain, and the congregation of Livingstone Church for the privilege we enjoy in our church services together each month.

" At present the school roll is 205 boys and 196 girls, 401 pupils in all. Of these 43 leave us to begin their secondary education; 42 at Auchenharvie Academy and one boy at Ayr Academy. My staff and I wish them well and are confident that they will hold their own among their new friends and be a credit to Glencairn Primary School. Admissions expected on September 1 are 68 which will increase our roll by 25 pupils. There will be two classes at each stage up to Primary 5 and single classes at Primary 6 and 7. Class members will be around 35 pupils per class. "

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 7th July 1972


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