Ardrossan Academy: Rector's reports 1958-61, 1967, 1971, 1972

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Ardrossan Academy: Rector's reports 1958-61, 1967, 1971, 1972

Post by down south » Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:50 pm

These first four Rector's Reports appeared in the School Magazine. Here to start with is the report for session 1957- 1958.


The opening of the new session was accompanied by the now almost inevitable staff changes. Mr Penman entered on duty as Principal Teacher of Geography, Miss Walls succeeded Miss Crawford in the Department of Mathematics and Mr Whitefield joined the science staff. Part time assistance in gymnastics has been given by Mrs Stewart and Mr Cochrane and in French by Mlle Ropers. Throughout the session staff absences due to illness have been considerable and we were indebted to Mrs Black and Mrs McInnes for temporary service in the primary school. We were also fortunate in having Mrs Cheetham to replace Miss Sinclair on her promotion to Dalry.

Accomodation is still taxed to capacity both in primary and Secondary. The respective tolls were 413 and 789 at the commencement of the school year and an additional Primary class was enrolled in February. The delay in constructing the new laboratory has made it difficult to provide facilities for practical work in science for some of the upper forms and pending its completion this problem will be with us for some time yet.

On the Academic side L.C. presentations remain at a steady level, 115 candidates being presented. A Shell scholarship has been awarded to Robert Bonnar of Form VI , and Ann Pae , also of Form VI, has gained the Pyper Bursary tenable for four years at St Andrew's University.

The school has been well represented in almost every extra curricular activity. Worthy of mention are the extensive sports fixtures, the Ayrshire Festival, West Linton, the Orchestral Summer School, the conference on international affairs, and the inter-school debates. In the Classical Verse Speaking competition our six representatives gained much commendation and maintained the high standard of previous years. Our various clubs and societies continue to flourish. Their activities are reported in detail elsewhere. During the year pupils have contributed a total of £70 to various funds, including the Bridge of Weir Homes, Save the Children Fund, and the Spastic Children's Fund.

It is perhaps appropriate to mention that 1958 has seen the fulfilment of a long cherished hope on the part of the Former Pupils' Club in the opening of a Pavilion on the playing field. Rising costs have greatly increased the original estimate for the project, but it is most gratifying to know that the continued interest of former pupils, pupils and friends has made it possible. Grateful acknowledgement must be made to the work of Mr Leslie Callan, president of the F P Club, for his untiring efforts in this matter and his enthusiasm sustained in spite of many difficulties. It is worthy of note also that the sum of about £6000 has now been spent in providing sports facilities in the form of the Memorial Fund and its associated schemes and it might well be claimed that when this work and various projects for which the Spring Fair was held are completed the Academy will be equipped with recreational and educational facilities to meet all requirements.

No report of the school year would be complete without reference to two staff changes in particular. Miss Sinclair, who has now entered on duty as Principal Teacher of Modern Languages in Dalry, has given faithful service to the school in many ways since her appointment here in 1938 and our appreciation found appropriate expression in gifts from both staff and pupils. Mr Stratton, who now goes to Stevenston as headmaster, merits special mention for his work not only as Principal Teacher of Mathematics but also as Deputy Rector during the illness of Mr Pennel. In addition to the routine teaching in the classroom Mr Stratton has undertaken a multiplicity of duties all of which have in very appreciable measure contributed to the well-being of the Academy and for which the school is indeed indebted to him. He will be remembered as a Mathematics teacher of the first rank, a competent administrator, and to those on the staff who knew him intimately, as a loyal and sincere friend. To both Miss Sinclair and Mr Stratton we would extend our best wishes for every success in their new spheres.

Finally we acknowledge again the voluntary services given to our school by the Rev T Williamson as chaplain and his associates, the Rev W G Penny and the Rev J Falconer, all of whom have taken the religious instruction periods with upper forms. We sincerely thank the donors of prizes and our school convener, ex-Provost Hogarth, for their continued interest in the school and its pupils.

To conclude on a more personal note I express my most sincere thanks to teaching staff and others associated with me in the work of the school for their endeavours and helpful co-operation during the past session.

( The Rector will make his usual report on the Primary School at the Primary Closing Ceremony. )

Fuller reports on the departures of Miss Sinclair and Mr Stratton can be found on the Ardrossan Academy Archive website.


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