jimmy reid

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jimmy reid

Post by brvhrtjimmy » Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:25 pm

this is not a joke but it is also a fun forum so thought I would post this here, for those who may not know jimmy reid was one of the leaders of the shipyard sit in ,there will be no bevying, no vandalism because the world is watching us that was part of his sit in speech to the workforce, when he passed away and there were speeches at his funeral a co worker told this story, he said jimmy and couple of workmates and myself were standing on the deck of a new build looking at a drawing , a manager who had only been in the yard about a week ( you know the kind collar an tie an bowler hat) approached them and duly asked, whats going on here, jimmy said if you want to know whats going on here go up to the draughtsmans loft and look at the big drawing, the manager said hey listen you do you know who I am, jimmy (in typical quick witted shipyard humour) turned to his mates and said hey heres a guy that disnae ken who he is ,an absolute classic .

James Barr (Brvhrtjimmy)

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Re: jimmy reid

Post by Hughie » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:57 am

Thanks, Jimmy. Here's a wee like from me. //funny

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