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Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2021 10:53 am
by brian f
Hughie wrote:
Wed Mar 17, 2021 12:23 am
From the Archives of the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald published on March 19, 2008

50 YEARS AGO on March 21, 1958

RECENTLY a Stevenston man coming out of his house observed a weasel trying to get into his neighbour's kitchen, and when he tried to chase the animal off it faced up to him. So the man closed the outside door of the entry and with a shovel in his hand went on the attack, but so fierce was the weasel that it was some time before it was killed.

Thanks to Tom McGrattan for the original
Was weasels common back then- I have never seen one poor thing. :?

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Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 7:09 am
by Hughie
From the Archives of the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald published on March 26, 2008

100 YEARS AGO on March 27, 1908
ON Saturday last the Ardrossan Drydock and Shipbuilding Co., Lid. Successfully launched the single-screw steamer, Tintenbar for Australian owners

AT the annual meeting of Ardrossan bowing club, Mr William McQueen was appointed president and Balle J B. Chrystie, vice-president Mr Gillesplie and Mr T. Glover were appointed secretary and treasurer respectively.

In the billiards competition at Saltcoats Unionist Club the prize winners were. 1, J. Corbett: 2 J. Pollock, 3. J. Alan: 4, W. Craig.

AT the annual social of Sahcoats E.U.C. Church Band of Hope, one of those present was the Hon. John Anderson of Newfoundland, a native of Saltcoats

UNDER the auspices of Ardrossan Co-operative Society's employees, a concert was held in West Kilbride Public Hall on Wednesday, the artistes being Misses Annie B. Kelly, M. Bonar. Bola Murray, Messrs Chas. Boyd, Will Cairns, James Calderwood, Harry Austen and Frank Blythe (accompanist).
A Saltcoats District branch of the North Ayrshire Woman's Association was formed at a meeting held on Tuesday, Mrs Longmuir wins appointed president and secretary, and vice-presidents appointed were Mrs Mcisaac and, Mrs Allan, Mrs Kirkland, Mrs Alex Hamilton, Mrs Ramsay, Mrs Sillars, Mrs Meadows, Mrs Gunson, Miss Morton and Miss Brown,

LAST Saturday the Stevenson Spring Flower Show Society held their 17th annual exhibition in the Public School, special prizes for juveniles being won by Bessie Donaldson, Lizzie McCubbin, Robert Frow, J. Macdonald, Frederick Small, Fanny Thompson and J. Alexander.

50 YEARS AGO on March 28, 1958
BETWEEN Saturday night and Friday night of last week some person or persons entered the grounds of St Peter-in-Chains and pulled down three notice boards. Next they visited the entrance to Ingledene Hotel and destroyed two large ornamental flower pots. The public telephone box at the putting green was also entered and the instrument destroyed. A motor mirror was found in the box. Yes, this all actually happened in Ardrossan.

TWO sudden deaths in Saltcoats this week. On Monday Mrs Elizabeth Peddie (75), 1 McKillop Place, was found dead by the police in her home. Her son, with whom she resides, was on holiday at the time

On Tuesday Robert Coulter (83), 16 Caledonia Road, was found dead in bed by the police, Robert was in the India Frontier battle, the Boer War and the First World War. He lived alone, was a widower, and a native of Ireland

A parcel posted to a business firm was addressed Dockhead Street, Scotland and arrived at its correct destination three days after its dispatch from England - and a Sunday intervened. The shop keepers admiration for post office smartness was dampened by the fact that whoever traced the address had pencilled on the label "Ardrossan"

A letter posted in Ayr about ten months ago to an adiness in Ardrossan only recently arrived.

A Saltcoats man got a surprise recently when a hotel owner handed him papers that proved he had served his time at a certain trade. It is interesting to note that he got his "lines" 30 years after he served as a journeyman. The hotel owner was a tradesman and was with contractors who were doing work in the Ardrossan Shipyard offices when he came across the papers among others to be destroyed, and had them in his possession until recently

THERE were 24 arrivals, including three oil tankers, at Ardrossan Harbour for the week ending Saturday 22. This week one of the largest vessels to enter the Eglinton Dock arrived from Ireland for 700 tons of coal bunkers. She is owned by a Yugoslavian firm, but was built in Britain.

MR John Robertson, Newsagent, Chapelwell Street, Saltcoats, retires from business tomorrow night (Saturday). The new owner takes over on Monday morning. Mr Robertson must have been in business for nearly fifty years. To his intimate friends he was either Jacky or Jakey Robertson, names by which he was best known as a senior footballer. His family have had a long connection with Saltcoats, his father having been mate on the "Clytus when Betsy Miller was Captain.

25 YEARS AGO on April 01, 1983
A political storm is brewing over a decision by the Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenson Enterprise Trust to transform itself into a company. The Chairman of the district Labour Party has now threatened to press the district council to withdraw its financial support from the organisation.
Mr Matt Smith fears that the new status will free ASSET from the council's political influence. But his charges were strenuously denied by ASSET director, Mr Douglas Martin, this week.
He said the decision to make ASSET a company limited by guarantee would simply clarity is legal status and would not in any way alter the make up of its board.

A major row has developed involving Ayrshire's local radio station, West Sound -ending in the mass resignation of six education experts. Both sides are decidedly tight-lipped about the argument which involves major changes to the programming of the radio station's schools quiz series. Ayrshire's Secondary Education Programme Group severed it's reportedly amicable two year relationship with the station because it was not Informed of the changes.

Chairman of the group - Assistant Rector at Auchenharvie Academy, Robert Reid-directed the Heralds inquiries to West Sound, but did confirm that there was a rift with the Programming Controller, Robin Wylie.

A massive cash fund is being organised by members of Ardrossan and Saltcoats Rotary Club. They want over £20,000 to help the families of war wounded at Erskine Hospital and the club has just announced the start of its programme to raise cash.

A new hospital service could start in the Ardrossan area soon Ayrshire and Arran Health Board is already negotiating for suitable halls for the new project - a Mobile Day Hospital. The idea is still very much in its early stages

Thanks to Tom McGrattan for the original

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Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 11:20 pm
by brian f
50 YEARS AGO on March 28, 1958

A letter posted in Ayr about ten months ago to an adiness in Ardrossan only recently arrived.

Times have not changed :lol:

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Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2021 9:15 pm
by Hughie
From the Archives of the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald published on April 2, 2008

100 YEARS AGO on April 3, 1908
ONLY one marriage has been celebrated in the parish of New Ardrossan in the three months since the year began.

THE soup kitchen in connection with West Kilbride Public School closed on Friday after 12 weeks' operation. There was a daily attendance of 140.

MISS D Mordue, Ardrossan, and Mr James Chesney, West Kilbride, took prominent parts in the production of The Importance of Being Earnest by the accomplished amateurs, The Players in Glasgow.

AT the annual business meeting of the Ardrossan Shakespeare Reading Club held on Monday, office-bearers appointed were: - Pres, Dr Robert Allan; secretary, Mr H Smith; committee, the Rev Me Adams, Mrs Mackay and Miss AE Cook.

LAST Friday evening the choir of Stevenston UF Church gave a successful rendering in the church of the cantata, The Good Shepherd. Mr James Morrison presided and the soloists were: Misses A McCulloch, A Hamilton, L Frew, I Kerr, J Hamilton, Messrs R Graham and W McCulloch; elocutionist, Miss K Boyd.

AT the annual social of Ardrossan Section of the G&SW Brigade, held on Friday in the Town Hall, certificates were awarded to John Affleck, Adam Ross, William Thomson, Andrew Mcke, James Ferguson, James Allardyce, Hugh Tait, A McKinnon, James Cumming, James Kirkwood, Hugh Templeton, George Bond, William Farquharson, William Gay. Robert Hood, James Hughes and James Paton.

ARDROSSAN Amateur Dramatic Company presented Uncle Tom's Cabin on Tuesday in the Assembly Hall, the players being: Hugh Skillen. John Cance, P Mullen, John H Kerr, Daniel H Kerr, Daniel Neil, John McKirdy, HC McLachlan, Peggy Barr, Nessie McKinnon, Emma Higgins, Nellie Inglis, J McKellar, J Feagle, D McLachlan and Ben Tait.

50 YEARS AGO on April 4, 1958
GARNOCK Lodge, Kilbirnie, an eight-apartment house, was with the exception of the kitchenette, totally destroyed by fire early on Saturday morning. The fire, which seems to have started in the loft, was discovered by the occupier, Mrs King, who on awakening, smelled smoke. Although Beith, Kilbirnie and Ardrossan Fire Brigades were quickly on the scene, the house could not be saved.

AT a Highland dancing competition held on Saturday in Coatbridge, the following local children were successful: Moira Dunlop. 1st Sword Dance, 1st Shean Trubhais; Avril Ritchie, 1st, Reel of Tulloch; 2nd, Sword Dance; Isobel Thomson, 2nd Sword Dance, 2nd, Shean Trubhais; Catherine Poland, 1st, Sword Dance: Wilma Kane, 2nd, Highland Fling: Ann Watt, 4th. Highland Fling. Omitted from the results of the competition held in Greenock which appeared in last week's issue - Moira Dunlop, 3rd Sword Dance. They are all pupils of Miss Rose Galloway. MHDSA, Kersland School of Dancing, Kilbirnie.

THE Parents' Committee for the 1st Kilbirnie Boys Brigade are indebted to Miss Rose Galloway and her pupils from the Kersland School of Dancing for the clever display put on by them in aid of the BB funds. There was a good turnout in the Walker Hall on Wednesday last week. One good point of this show was its slickness; there was no time lost between items.

ON Friday evening of last week West Kilbride Public Hall housed a very large and appreciative audience of parents and friends of the children to hear a concert in aid of the School Fund. Some colourful Highland dances were grace. fully and vigorously given by local schoolgirls Janet Blair, Janet Moore, Elizabeth Armstrong and Marion Paton, and Stephen Patterson, winner of the recitation prize in the School Burns competition gave renditions of Macpherson's Farewell and Lord Ullin's daughter.

25 YEARS AGO on April 8, 1983
CUNNINGHAME is competing against Germany to win an 80 job European base for an American company. MP John Corrie is courting the US firm to set up base in this area. Last week he met a senior executive of the firm during the American's eight-day visit to Britain. And following the visit, other executives from the company are due in Scotland next Tuesday Mr Corrie says the response from the company is "quite encouraging." But he refused to name the firm or even state which industry it operates for fear of frightening it off. "The last thing I want them to do is go to Germany," explains the MP.Either Scotland on West Germany would become the company's European base. Initially between 70 and 80 jobs would be created, but further expansion would increase this figure.The company are keen to start operating - from an existing factory - in July, although Mr Corrie believes it is more likely to be October

THOUSANDS of pounds in charity funds have been squandered in an ill-fated scheme to build a centre for the disabled. Fifteen people working on a short term employment scheme removed a pre-fabricated building from Dundonald Camp to a site at the Dirrans in Kilwinning to build a "dream home" for the physically handicapped and able-bodied club. But after excavating and draining the site, the charity sponsors ran out of money. The site had to be filled in again and the scheme scrapped. It is estimated that the PHAB charity who backed the project, lost up to £3000. Money was also provided by the Manpower Services Commission and Irvine Development Corporation. Costs began to leap when workers on the scheme knocked over an electricity cable which caused black-outs in Troon and Barassie. The bill from the South of Scotland Electricity Board was sent to the PHAB club.

Thanks to Tom McGrattan for the original

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Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:54 am
by Hughie
From the Archives of the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald published on April 9, 2008

100 YEARS AGO on April 10, 1908
LAST Monday evening a visit was paid to Saltcoats by Scott's Royal Cinematograph and it was witnessed by a large audience in the town hall where a special installation of the electric light was made to exhibit the pictures.

MR JAMES Morrison, baker, Stevenston, has won a diploma for oatcakes at the Scottish Bakers' Exhibition in Glasgow.

MR CHARLES Duguid, MA, Saltcoats, has gained the Macarthur Bursary and the Menteith Bursary at Glasgow University,

ON Friday evening Mr John Arnott's singing class gave a rendering of a musical service entitled "Our Father's Care" in the Christian Institute, Saltcoats, the soloists being Mrs Arnott. Misses N Cuthbert, McCallum, McAllister, Braddon, Kerr, Reid, Carey and Messrs Hamilton, Kean, Harris and Richardson.

50 YEARS AGO on April 11, 1958
AFTER having been adrift in a cabin cruiser in the Firth of Clyde for seven hours last Thursday night three Ardrossan men were rescued by the Fishery cruiser Noma. The men are John Robertson (40), 2 Castle Road, gas worker: Robert Watt (30), 28 Kirkhall Drive, dock worker: Thomas Hughes (26), 18 Kirkhall Drive, gas worker They set out in the Betty, an 18ft cabin cruiser, at 11am on a fishing expedition to Fairlie, nine miles away. Mr Robertson, the owner of the vessel, after being brought ashore from the Norna at Fairlie Pier said"We had reached Portencross when our engine broke down. We managed to get the engine restarted but it stopped again after 10 minutes. "We anchored hoping that someone ashore might see us and send help. The Betty was only a few hundred yards off the old disused pier. "After a time we improvised a boathook as a mast and a sheet, which covers the engine box where the boat is not in use as a sall. But the wind started to drive us towards the Wee Cumbrae. There were frequent falls of snow and sleet." Their plight had been noticed by a fisherman at Portencross who got in touch with Saltcoats police. Troon Lifeboat also went in search of the cabin cruiser

A GRASS fire at Clyde Terrace, Ardrossan, at lunchtime on Wednesday, was speedily extinguished by the local Fire Brigade.

MR HUGH Robertson's motor boat, Spindrift, started her season last Sunday carrying newspapers to Arran. Mr Robertson states it was very cold crossing. He added that there was a large number of visitors on the island.

RECENT retirements from Ardeer Factory include those of Mr Thomas Dunn, an Engineering Department chargehand, and Mr Andrew Nicol, an electric foreman, both of whom had 42 years' service. In the office of Mr HS Sayles, works engineer, Mr Dunn last week received the ICI Scroll of Service. Mr Sayles, who made the presentation, thanked him for the many years he had given the company. Mr Dunn served his apprenticeship in Kilwinning, and came to Ardeer in 1914. During the First World War he served in France with the Royal Engineers, and after a spell in Ardrossan shipyard, returned to Ardeer at the beginning of 1921. He worked almost continuously in Blasting Powders, with the exception of five months at Nobel Division's Rosin Factory.

THE house-to-house collection in Saltcoats on behalf of the United Nations Association's National Appeal for European Refugees realised £250. The local committee express their thanks to all who helped achieve this very satisfactory result.

25 YEARS AGO on April 15, 1983
IN the most important development in its 28-year history Saltcoats travel agent AT Mays this week announced its merger with Nairn Travel. The two companies will combine to form the AT Mays Group PLC and will become the third-largest retail travel agents in Britain. It will be run by the AT Mays board of directors, with the addition of Nairn's managing director, Mr Hugh Campbell, who will become deputy managing director. Chairman and managing director of the new company will be Mr JH Moffat, who founded AT Mays in 1955.

He said this week that the merger marking the emergence of a "major force in British retail travel." Nairn Travel was formerly controlled by Low and Bonar of Dundee, had 58 branches on the east coast of Scotland, north England, the Midlands and London, employed over 300 people. The new company will have 136 branches and almost 1000 people on the payroll. Its head office will be AT Mays in Saltcoats, which is being extended. But the merger is unlikely to mean the creation of more jobs, although some employees may be transferred from Nairn's Kirkcaldy headquarters to Saltcoats. Mr Jamie Moffat, a director of the company said: "It's unlikely that we would at present be taking on more staff. "We will be increasing our investment in technology to enable us to help our customers even more than we do at present." He added that the merger was one of the most important developments in the history of AT Mays, virtually doubling its size overnight.

WITH 440 dancing medals to his credit you might say 12-year-old Bruce McLellan is pretty light on his feet Bruce, of 56 Shore Road, Stevenston, a pupil at Auchenharvie Academy, started dancing when he was just five years old and since then has taken several competitions by storm. On Sunday he was presented with two gold medals and a certificate after winning a Highland dancing competition pre-championship round staged at Bellahouston, Glasgow. During the last 12 months, his dancing has improved to an even higher standard. In that time, he has been attending the Ann King School of Dance in Dalry in his free time.

Thanks to Tom McGrattan for the original

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Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:44 pm
by Hughie
The men are John Robertson (40), 2 Castle Road, gas worker: Robert Watt (30), 28 Kirkhall Drive, dock worker: Thomas Hughes (26), 18 Kirkhall Drive, gas worker They set out in the Betty, an 18ft cabin cruiser, at 11am on a fishing expedition to Fairlie, nine miles away.
I'm pretty sure this story made the front page headlines in the Daily Record on the day. I remember Jock Robertson when he lived in Whitlees Crescent - his house faced down what was then the Gasworks lane (now McDowall Place).

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Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2021 12:52 am
by Hughie
From the Archives of the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald published on April 16, 2008

100 YEARS AGO on April 17, 1908
OPERATIONS have commenced at the mineral well at Saltcoats with a view to ascertain the possibility of its being developed into a spa.

DURING the week two stone coffins and an urn were excavated at Mount Pleasant, Townhead Street, Stevenson, while tenants were digging their gardens. The contents of the coffins upon being exposed to the air completely mouldered away..

AT a meeting on Tuesday, Ardrossan United Free Presbytery considered the case of the manager of the Trust Public house, Stevenson, whom the Kirk Session of Stevenson U.F. Church had refused to accept as a member owing to his position as manager of a public house: and agreed that there was no legal hindrance to the man becoming a member of the church.

ARDROSSAN Town Council at Monday's meeting agreed to change the name of Barr Lane to Barr Place as tenants in the properties there found difficulty in letting their houses in the summer, visitors being unwilling to take accommodation in a 'lane.

AT the half-yearly meeting of Saltcoats Licensing Court seven-day hotel licenses were granted in respect of the Saracen's Head and Crown Hotels, Saltcoats.

THE congregation of Ardeer U.F. Church met in a social capacity on Wednesday to celebrate their semi-jubilee and the young people of the church made a presentation to the congregation of a handsome communion table.

50 YEARS AGO on April 18, 1958
A native of Ardrossan, George Ramsay (25), assistant steward on board the "S.S Birmingham City," was found drowned in Bristol Harbour on Sunday 13th.

ON Tuesday forenoon William Hall, 23 Galt Avenue, Irvine, while working as a slater on the roof of the Co-operative building in Dockhead Street, Saltcoats, fell to the ground. After medical attention he was removed to Kilmarnock Infirmary.

ABOUT 6:35pm on Thursday of last week a motor lorry loaded with barrels and cases of beer, was proceeding from Eglinton Road into Glasgow Street, Ardrossan, when twenty-four cases fell onto the street, opposite McLean's Garage. About forty bottles were broken and the street was littered with cases and broken glass while beer flowed over the road surface.

LAST week about 600 square yards of grass land and a growing hedge, at the rear of Kirkhall farm, were damaged by fire. The Fire Brigade extinguished the fire, which is thought to have been caused by children.

THE death of the Rev. Arnold Boyd at Rosyth at the age of 88 is reported. A Dalry reader sends a cutting which states that the late Mr Boyd was minister at Dalry Free Church from 1897 to 1902 and this was his first charge. He had travelled abroad widely and was regarded by all who knew him as a real Christian gentleman.

ON Wednesday of next week Ardrossan Dockyard will launch from their yard the single screw motor explosive carrier vessel 'Lady Roslin.' Mrs James Taylor will perform the launching ceremony at 12:30pm.

THE Glasgow trains last Monday morning were full up and those who returned home with the 8:35pm were surprised that it was packed and that extra carriages had to be put on.

THERE were 22 arrivals, including five oil tankers, at Ardrossan Harbour for the week ending Saturday 12.

MRS Dunlop, Saltcoats, has been travelling in Australia and New Zealand for 14 months trying to trace her married daughter who emigrated to Australia in 1938. When Mrs Dunlop had almost given up hope of seeing her daughter, Peggy, news arrived that they were to be united this week. Mrs Dunlop was previously married to Mr Harry Munro, who was employed at Ardeer Factory and died in 1950. In 1953 Mrs Munro married Mr Frank Dunlop who came back to Saltcoats after 32 years in Australia. When Mr Dunlop and Mrs Munro decided to marry Provost Reid was best man.

25 YEARS AGO on April 22, 1983
BIGGER, better and brighter than ever! That's the claim being made for the second up-and coming Three Towns Festival. Over 70 - and depending on the events organised by the schools - up to 100 events will be on during the festival week from May 21-28 providing a mix of local and imported talent including the chart listed band, Big Country Anne Lorne Gillies will be guesting in a Fiddlers Rally in Saltcoats Regal Cinema; the talented folk singer, Johnny Silvo, will be in residence all week; Alex Dalgleish and his jazzmen will be in various schools as well as playing in the Jazz Band Ball in Ardrossan Civic Centre, children's story-teller Barbara McDermitt will be in each of the Three Towns Libraries as well as a lot of the schools entertaining in her own inimitable fashion; the highly acclaimed Purves puppets will be playing to well over a thousand school children on the Wednesday, and the quests at this years Brass Band Concert will be the Kilmarnock Concert Brass.

ANGRY councillors claimed this week that they were being kept in the dark over plans to 'privatise' the Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenson Enterprise Trust. They claim that at a meeting last week they were denied access to the full facts about the planed change in the trust's status. And they were concerned at the role played during the meeting by district council chief executive, Mr James Miller.

DISASTER was narrowly averted on Monday morning when a large container lorry plunged 30 feet down an embankment and into a children's play park in Stevenston. At 8:15am the Foden articulated truck was travelling along Glencairn street, just before Millhill Road, when the driver braked sharply, to avoid hitting a pedestrian. The lorry skidded out of control, mounted the pavement and tore down a fence before plummeting into the play area. Luckily, being early in the day, there were no children at play or the accident could have been far more serious

Thanks to Tom McGrattan for the original