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Rev. James Giffen of Saltcoats

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Rev. James Giffen of Saltcoats

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Received from Cliff Thornton: Message Body:
"I collect old letters, and a recent acquisition is a letter written by Rev. James Giffen of Saltcoats in February 1856. He gives considerable details about an 80 year old widow living in the town by the name of Agnes Service Miller."

Transcription of entire
To: John Smith Esquire

From: Rev. James Giffen

Dated: 2 February 1856

My Dear Sir,
At the request of an old friend here I send you the following note, by which she wishes to shew her connection with the late Mr. Ferguson, of Irvine - & that in the hope that his Trustees may take her case into consideration. I may add that she is the Widow of the late Robert Miller, Seaman. She is Eighty years of age, and entirely dependent on my Mother-in-law, & other friends for support.

“Agnes Service Miller.
Her Father was half cousin to Mr. Ferguson’s Mother, which makes her third of kin to Mr. Ferguson. Her Father’s name was Captain George Service who died when she was three months old. Her Grandfather’s name was William Service, Farmer in Icenyard (?) belonging to Kilwinning. She did not keep up much correspondence with her Father’s relations, her Mother being married a second time. George Service, Grocer here is a Third Cousin once removed.”

Hoping you will excuse me for doing this little service for my old friend, Aunt Miller, & that it may not be wholly in vain.

Yours respectfully,

James Giffen
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Re: Rev. James Giffen of Saltcoats

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Something, previously posted, of the Rev. James Giffen: -

28 MARCH 1870


We regret to announce the death of this gentleman, which occurred at Saltcoats, on Monday last.

The deceased, who was in his 66th year of his age, was born at Southend, Kintyre, on the 12th of August, 1804. His father, Mr. James Giffen, was for many years an elder in the Relief Church, Southend.

At the village school James, the youngest son, and the subject of this notice, made very satisfactory progress, and entered the University of Glasgow at the age of sixteen. After completing his University course he entered on the study of divinity in the Relief Hall, under the late Doctor Thomson. During several Hall vacations Mr. Giffen taught a school in Campbeltown.

In due course he was licensed as a preacher of the Gospel, and was soon called to be a colleague of the Rev. James Ewing, first pastor of the Relief Church, now the East U.P. Church, Saltcoats.

Mr. Giffen was ordained in Saltcoats on the 26th July, 1831. His colleague, Mr. Ewing, died in 1833, in his 79th year of age and 49th of his ministry, leaving him with the sole charge of the congregation, the duties of which he discharged with much acceptance till 1863, when failing health, occasion by an infection of the left lung and irregular action of the heart, induced him to resign his charge to the Presbytery.

He was succeeded by the Rev. George Philp, who was ordained to the East U.P. Church on 6th September, 1864.

The deceased gentleman was highly respected by a wide circle of attached friends, and much sympathy is felt and expressed for his sorrowing widow and family.

The funeral took place yesterday, and was largely attended by many sorrowing friends.
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