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World War 1 casualties update

For those researching family in the three towns area.
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Re: World War 1 casualties update

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To mark the Somme all military records on findmypast are free until 11.59pm on Monday 4 July .

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Re: World War 1 casualties update

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Previously I had never gone into "On this Day" but had time one day and have been reading all the posts over weeks now. I find it very interesting and a snapshot of live all those years ago. Also I think about all the telegrams coming to the towns and the mothers and families dreading the day. It must have been devastating with so many lives lost in a short space of time.
Thank you to the contributors especially Penny Tray, John Donnelly and geomcintyre fantastic research.
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Re: World War 1 casualties update

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I may have posted before..forgive me if so. My grampa went down to register the birth of his son, enlisted. His son didn't know him some years later when he returned and chapped the door. :lol: He brought lightbulbs, unknown in Ayrshire then and threatened to blow them all up' with them if they weren't quiet. He was quite a character, loved him to bits. (and he spoiled me!) :lol:
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