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Eglinton Winton Class Photo 1958/59

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Eglinton Winton Class Photo 1958/59

Post by Hughie » Fri Oct 07, 2005 2:07 am

Eglinton Winton Primary C1958/59
Source: Barbara Mathieson (Australia)

Back Row: John Morton, David Clowe, Tom Hunter, Gordon Fulton, Douglas Morrison, Peter Auld, Robert Ferguson.
Second Row: Samuel McVie, James Benson, David Dalziell, Alec Morrison, Alistair Kelly, David Dunlop, Billy Chalmers, Nicholas Wilson.
Third Row: Barbara Mathieson, Anne Blair, Anne McCrindle, Aileen Gordon, Allana McDougall, Margaret Yuille, Mary Smith, Catherine Morrison.
Fourth Row: Eleanor Milligan, Molly McArthur, Margaret Conn, Christine Anderson, Jean Dowie, Joyce Loosemore, Margaret McCallum, Jean Blackie or Blackmore.

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