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True story

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True story

Post by chriso » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:10 am

We all know the perils of moving from your seat when a comedian is on.
A few years back we were watching Tony Scott, a well known Benidorm comedian.
During his routine a young Glasgow girl left her seat and headed or the toilet.
Of course Tony spied her and immediately said, “Where are you going dear?”
“Tae the toilet” was the reply.
Off she went and Tony carried on whilst keeping an eye on the toilet door.
When the girl came out Tony pounced on her and said, “ so we’ve been to the toilet have we dear?”
The girl replied, “Aye, an ye kin tell the bar staff there’s nae paper in the ladies”
Tony says “ What did you do then dear?”
Quick as a flash she said “ Ah did a haunstaun under the haun dryer”
Well the place just erupted, and Tony just stood with his mouth open.
It’s the only time I’ve seen a comedian stuck for a reply
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