the bungalows esplanade cottages

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Re: the bungalows esplanade cottages

Post by Jimmym »

Hi Barbara , love the photo of the old bridge in the back ground ran over it many time to dive in the the slabs lol great times spent more or less all summer there, not now a lot older and not got the same weather water to cold.

Bestwishes Jimmy
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Re: the bungalows esplanade cottages

Post by sherlock »

I remember the cottages very well, my partner Davy Gibson stayed next door to fearless ( Crawford ) his mother was Maud , his sister was Rae and his brothers were William and Brian.
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Re: the bungalows esplanade cottages

Post by Hughie »

This photo which appears on page two of this topic was courtesy of my late brother's niece, Barbara. It will give you an idea of where Esplanade Cottages used to be. The photo was taken on what was then a continuation of Seabank Street. The two buildings beyond the wall are on Canal Street. The cottage across the road from the lady and the dog was my grandparents' home.

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