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Did A Relative Serve In NZ Armed Forces?

For those researching family in the three towns area.

Jim McCreadie
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Did A Relative Serve In NZ Armed Forces?

Post by Jim McCreadie » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:05 am

If so, you can apply here for a copy of their Service record (free of charge):
http://www.nzdf.mil.nz/personnel-record ... ecords.htm

A linked page states:
If you request a copy of a single military service file within a 12-month period the copy will be provided free of charge.
If you request copies of more than one military service file within a 12-month period the first file will be provided free but the second and subsequent files will be charged at the rate of $28 per file.
Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to ‘The New Zealand Defence Force’. Overseas payments should be paid by a bank draft drawn on a New Zealand bank. Payment must be received before a request can be processed.
All the material we hold is protected by copyright and copies are supplied on the understanding that they are for personal research purposes or private study only. NZDF copyright permission is required before this material can be used for any other reason.
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