Five generations of the Phillips family

For those researching family in the three towns area.

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Five generations of the Phillips family

Post by down south » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:17 pm

I thought this picture and report from the A&S Herald of 6th July 1973 might possibly be of use to some family historians. It shows five generations of the Phillips family, some of whom lived in Saltcoats.The fact that one of them was a printer on the Herald no doubt helps explain how it made the paper.

Phillips family 1973.jpg

They are described as follows :

Eighty-nine-year-old Mrs Katherine Phillips, Irvine Road, Kilmarnock, nurses her six-week-old great-great-grandson James, whose parents live at Barassie.

Seated beside the old lady is her son, Mr James Phillips, Kerr Avenue, Saltcoats, who is a printer with Arthur Guthrie & Sons Ltd, and whose wife is a prominent member of Saltcoats Town Council.

Behind him is his son, Mr Owen Phillips, who also lives in Saltcoats and is janitor at Hayocks School, Stevenston, and beside him is his son Mr James Phillips junior, the baby's father. He stays in Barassie and is employed in Irvine.

The great-great-granny is no stranger to babies - for more than 30 years she was a certificated midwife in Kilmarnock and brought hundreds of babies into the world - but she is perhaps most proud of the latest arrival.


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