Coronavirus pandemic

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Re: Coronavirus pandemic

Post by glenshena » Wed Nov 18, 2020 3:17 pm

Yes Meg. The Mr. is out of danger now, and has become a local hero. When the doctor was putting on his oxygen mask, he took his hand and said ' Doctor, I've done everything that I wanted in my life, I'm 90 years old, just let me go.' But his smile and dignity touched the heart of the doctor who replied, ' You are the same age as my father, just one week older, and you will both soon be 91'. Day after day he and the nursing staff continued to fight. 'They were difficult days' says the doctor, 'we all fought together and after 15 days in intensive care he was back in a normal ward and is now receiving phisiotherapy.' 'You thanked us many many times, but it is we who have to thank you. You gave us hope and the will to continue every day to fight this horrible virus. We saved you and you saved us. When I caressed your head to give you courage I saw my father and grandfather smile' The story reached our local newspaper and TV channel.
Thankfully this time a happy ending. The Mrs. is still not so good, seemingly has some neurological problems, but she is still fighting at home. They were both very healthy adults, walking lots and eating healthily, no underlying health problems, so they are able to combat the virus despite their age.
In Milan yesterday two pensioners who had been married for 63 years both died with covid on the same day. He in the morning and she in the afternoon.
There are so many sad stories everywhere. Today however there is a slight optimism in the air, fewer cases after two weeks of ever rising figures.

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Re: Coronavirus pandemic

Post by Meg » Wed Nov 18, 2020 3:33 pm

Thanks for keeping us updated Jean - the old man is certainly inspiring.


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