1751 list of subscribers

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Re: 1751 list of subscribers

by Hughie » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:50 am

ardrossanrentboy wrote:Hughie, have you got a list of Kilwinning Boyds up to the present day ?
No, I haven't followed up on my Kilwinning Boyd side. I did as a youth run around with a crowd that went to the local dance halls, one of them being a Margaret Boyd - just wondering if she may have been a relative. I remember her telling me her family had a lodger who was a local PC and she said she was going to get him to check up on me. :lol: My Boyd connection to Stevenston also goes back a long way.

As I've said in the past I haven't done any research for many years other than to find out who my dad's second wife was - I did know his third wife. :roll: http://home.iprimus.com.au/jmccallum/surnames.htm

Re: 1751 list of subscribers

by ardrossanrentboy » Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:17 pm

Hughie wrote:Thanks Irene,
That should be very helpful to those researching family in the area. //perfect
The John Boyd in Kilwinning is very likely one of ours. The Christian name Hugh in my family goes back to Hugh Boyd born Kilwinning in 1810 his daughter married Thomas McCallum.
Hughie, have you got a list of Kilwinning Boyds up to the present day ?

Perhaps these people fit into the extended family somewhere;
Brian and Margaret Boyd of Kilwinning
Jennifer Agnes Boyd dau.
Douglas Boyd son.

Re: 1751 list of subscribers

by hahaya2004 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:02 pm

Glad you found someone, Hughie. One of my Barbour ancestors is also mentioned.
Interesting to see the old way of spelling the towns (Irven, Richarton etc.).


Re: 1751 list of subscribers

by Hughie » Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:56 am

Thanks Irene,
That should be very helpful to those researching family in the area. //perfect
The John Boyd in Kilwinning is very likely one of ours. The Christian name Hugh in my family goes back to Hugh Boyd born Kilwinning in 1810 his daughter married Thomas McCallum.

Re: 1751 list of subscribers

by hahaya2004 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:56 am

Part 4 R - Y


Reid Matthew Stair
Reid James farmer Sorn
Reid Hugh weaver Sorn
Reid John Lons of Dundonald
Resard David smith Newton of Ayr
Richard William merchant Newmills
Richmond John Sorn
Richmond Jane Sand-bed, Sorn
Richmond Matthew merchant Mauchlan
Robb Charles farmer Ayr
Rodger John carpenter Kirkoswald
Russel William smith Muirkirk
Russel Robert smith Benthead, Sorn


Samson David dyer Hawgh
Samson George miller Auchenleck
Sawer Agnes Barnwel
Semple John Bankhead
Shirrila James farmer St. Quivox
Simpson Robert merchant Dundonald
Sinclair John Kirkbride
Skimmine David carpenter Dalmelington
Sloan Miss Peggy merchant Dalmelington
Sloss William Dalmelington
Sloss James Dalmelington
Smith Alexander Dalmelington
Smith David shoemaker Stewarton
Smith Robert merchant Mauchlan
Smith John Tarbolton
Smith Mary Shawnook, Tarbolton
Smith James farmer Sorn
Speer Thomas Boigend, Sorn
Steel James Millburn
Steel William staymaker Saltcoats
Steel John Waterhead
Stevenson John Barr parish
Stevenson William weaver Kilmarnock
Stevenson William Muirkirk
Stevenson John Barr parish
Stewart William "overseer to the
Honourable Earl of
Eglinton's coal-work"
Stewart John Kirkmichael
Strehorn Andrew Millburn, Tarbolton
Struthers William baker Kilmarnock


Tailor John tailor Ayr
Telfer John Straiton
Telfer James Straiton
Telfer William Strointian
Templeton john Hapland
Tenent John Corton, Ayr
Thomson William weaver Sorn
Thomson Janet teacher Saltcoats
Tod John schoolmaster Stewarton
Train William smith Sorn
Twesdale John Coalburn


Urie Patrick farmer Hill


Walker John Auchentiber
Wallace John Littleston
Wallace Hugh Slathole, Ochletree
Wallace George Mauchlan
Wallace John Netherland
Wallace Elizabeth Hawgh
Wallace William wright Stair
Wallat John Dalmelington
Wallat Margaret Dalmelington
Watson Peter "overseer of the
rope-works" Irven
Watson James smith Kilmarnock
Watson Samuel Muirburn
Watson Robert Lons
Watt Joseph smith Fordmouth, Sorn
Watt Hugh Cranberry-moss
Weir David farmer Ocheltree
Weir James Hill
Welsh James smith Dalmelington
Welsh David smith Dalmelington
Whyte William weaver Kilmarnock
Williamson John smith Gateside
Willie Thomas Bankhouse, Kilmarnock
Wilson John weaver Irven
Wilson Adam shoemaker Kilmarnock
Wilson Charles gardener Ayr
Wilson Janet Sorn
Wilson John baillie & merchant Kilmarnock
Wilson William Saltcoats
Workman John West Kilbride
Wright William weaver Richarton
Wright John Daley
Wyllie John wright Saltcoats


Young John flaxer Sorn

Irene :wink:

Re: 1751 list of subscribers

by hahaya2004 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:52 am

Part 3 M-P

M' & M

M'Calpine Robert merchant Irven
M'Cargo Charles weaver Barr parish
M'Caul Thomas Dalmelington
M'Cerrow John farmer Sorn
M'Cerrow Mungo Clonford, Sorn
M'Cleland John weaver Ocheltree
M'Climont John Ayr
M'Climont John Kirkbride, Kilmarnock
M'Climont Martin Dalmelington
M'Cowan Hugh wright Hawgh, Mauchlan
M'Crae Allan couper Prestick
M'Crea Andrew Dalmelington
M'Culloch Alexander gardener Tarbolton
M'Fadgen Thomas merchant Maybole
M'Fadzen Robert Bairdmill, Kilmarnock
M'Fie James couper Ayr
M'Gavan James Darnlaw, Auchenleck
M'Gavan James smith Hawgh, Mauchlan
M'Gill William shoemaker Dalmelington
M'Gill Robert officer Dalmelington
M'Keoun Robert tobacco-spinner Kilmarnock
M'Krone William Braes, Sorn
M'Lerwick Andrew weaver Kilmarnock
M'Lure Janet Dalmelington
M'Math James wright Galston
M'Millan John Stration
M'Neter William schoolmaster Barr
M'Rae George New Cumnock
M'Rindle Isobel Daley
M'Ronel John Brunston, New-Cumnock
M'Rundel William sieve-wright Maybole
M'Skimming William Dalrymple
M'Vey William shoemaker Mauchlan
M'Whinnie John Maybole
M'Whinnie William Maybole
M'Whiter Hugh weaver Maybole
Macilwrath Hugh Barr parish
Macutchison Hugh wright Kirkmichael
Macutchon Adam Blackrow, Barr parish
Mall Patrick merchant Sorn
Manson William Lesnesock, Ocheltree
Marr Hugh weaver Cumnock
Marr Thomas Hole, Sorn
Marr Adam Hole, Sorn
Mason John weaver Ayr
Merrie Robert Blairmill, Dalry
Mickle James tailor Ayr
Millar James couper Prestick
Millar Robert Haugh, Mauchlan
Mille George weaver Burnfoot, Ocheltree
Miller Thomas schoolmaster Finwick
Mitchel James Hill, Auchenleck
Mitchel William couper Ayr
Mitchel John weaver Ayr
Mitchel John weaver Kilmarnock
Mitchel William Troston, Stration
Monfoud Robert shipmaster Saltcoats
Moris Alexander weaver Kilmarnock
Moris David tailor Dalry
Morison James jun. Saltcoats
Muir Barnaby weaver Symington
Muir James late sailer Ayr
Muir Hugh jun. weaver Kilmarnock
Muir David Tunihill, Kilmarnock
Muir David wright & flax-dresser Dalry
Muir John miller Dalry
Muir Janet Newmills
Murchlan John dyster Kilmarnock
Murchland Thomas Templehouse
Murdoch David at the kirk of Auchenleck
Murdoch Agnes Braes, Sorn
Murdoch Gilbert gardener Ayr
Murdoch John Willockston
Murray James tailor Dalrymple


Neil John St. Quivox
Nicol David tailor Kirkmichael
Nimmo John shoemaker Mauchlan
Niven William merchant Sorn


Park David Dalmelington
Paterson Robert merchant Ocheltree
Paterson Matthew Dalmelington
Paterson James Chamberton, Dalmellington
Paterson John Hillhouse
Paterson Janet Hillhouse
Paton John Netherland
Paton George Drumfork
Paton David jun. Mainholm
Patrick John Bourtraping, Dalry
Peacock John merchant Stewarton
Peden Hugh jun. Sorn
Peden Mary Sorn
Poe John Corsehouse
Poe Janet Corsehouse

Re: 1751 list of subscribers

by hahaya2004 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:50 am

Part 2 E - L


Easdale James Tarbolton
Edgar David weaver Dalmelington


Farrie Robert Littleston, Irven
Ferguson Adam baker Maybole
Ferguson Hugh maltster Ayr
Findlay James bonnetmaker Kilmarnock
Findlay John Southhook
Findlay John Galston
Fisher James Mauchlan
Fisher James merchant Auchinleck
Fisher James Sorn
Fullerton James wigmaker Kilmarnock
Fullow William Sorn
Fulton Elizabeth Coylton
Fulton John tailor Irven
Fulton David farmer Tarbolton


Gallaway Mary Barnwel
Gallaway William baker Kilmarnock
Gallaway William smith Dalry
Galt Anne Saltcoats
Gemmil Andrew tailor Finwick
Gemmil John weaver Kilmarnock
Gemmil John clockmaker Craigie parish
Gemmil David Fullshaw
Gibson William farmer Tarbolton
Gibson Adam gardener Ayr
Gilchrist Hugh wright Mauchlan
Gilchrist Thomas tailor Newmills
Gillespie John schoolmaster Symington
Gillies John carpenter Ayr
Girtricky Thomas wright Ocheltree
Girvan Robert sailor Ayr
Glasford Hugh shoemaker Catrin, Sorn
Goudie George Kenstie, Sorn
Grange Robert farmer Colmonel parish
Gray William farmer Bowhouse
Gray John farmer Midtoun, Tarbolton
Gray Adam Fail
Gray Matthew Barnwel
Gray Thomas Barnwel
Gutrie John Prestick


Hamilton John Alton
Hamilton Allan merchant Ayr
Hamilton Jane Ayr
Hamilton Janet Prestick
Hanna James weaver Maybole
Hart William wigmaker Ayr
Harvie William smith Dalry
Harvie John farmer Dalry
Harvie John Auchenleck
Henderson Matthew tailor Dundonald
Heron William Dalmelington
Hodge Nathan wigmaker Saltcoats
Hodgone John weaver Maybole
Hottson William junior Ocheltree
Houston William merchant Richerton
How Robert shipmaster Saltcoats
Humphrie Charles Tarbolton
Hunter William Daldorch
Hunter William Kilwinning
Hunter Margaret Saltcoats
Hunter William mason Kilmarnock
Hunter Robert West Kilbride
Hunter Walter Kirkmichael
Hunter William Straiton
Hunter John Baillie Newton of Ayr
Hutcheson Hugh farmer Sorn
Hutcheson John tailor Irven

I & J

Ingles John tailor St. Quivox
Jack Patrick tailor Saltcoats
Jack William maltster Saltcoats
Jack John Kilwining parish
Jamieson James sailor Ayr
Jamieson Hugh shoemaker Largs
Jamieson Robert tailor Kilmarnock
Jamieson Thomas Hill


Kay John Klews, Sorn
Kay Alexander gardener Mauchlan
Kay John Dixton, Mauchlan
Kay John farmer Ocheltree
Kenedy John Kirkmichael
Ker William Irven parish
Kirkland Robert Sorn
Kirkland John Tarbolton


Lambroughton Janet Kilmarnock
Lamont Janet Barnwel
Lamont William Smistoun
Lawson Andrew weaver Air
Leacock John New-work
Lees James Mosgiel
Lees Janet Mosgiel
Lees John High-Logan, Sorn
Lennox Mungo Whitelet, Sorn
Logan Adam merchant Ayr
Lorimer George Gateside
Leishman James Plewland

1751 list of subscribers

by hahaya2004 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:48 am

I've copied a list of subscribers for the book "Great Concern of Salvation" from 1751. There are quite a few names of Ayrshire people, some with their occupation given. I separated the Ayrshire subscribers as best I could and copied the rest into this excel file:
1751 subscribers list.xls
(55 KiB) Downloaded 1165 times
I'll list the Ayrshire names directly, so these are searchable:

Part 1 A - D


Adam William farmer Ayr
Adam Alexander farmer Sorn
Adam Robert weaver Sorn
Adam Mary Heateth, Sorn parish
Adam John mason Machlan
Aird James weaver Sorn
Aird David Heateth, Sorn parish
Alexander Robert Stewarton parish
Alexander John tailor Prestick
Alison James weaver Sorn
Allan John mason
Allan John wig-maker Beith
Allan Thomas shoemaker Colmonel parish
Alston George Muirburn, Tarbolton
Anderson James tailor Stewarton parish
Anderson Isobel Richarton parish
Anderson William Lishaw, Muirkirk
Andrew William Barnwel parish
Andrew John miller Fail
Andrew Mary Symington parish
Andrew Thomas Kirkmichael
Armour Alexander Kilmarnock
Auld Hugh Mosgeel, Mauchlan parish
Aullan Alexander Richarton parish
Austine Thomas Maybole
Ayton James Galston


Baillie Robert weaver Dalry
Baillie Hugh weaver Dalry
Barbour John farmer Saltcoats
Beig William mason Sorn
Blackwood John merchant Finwick
Blair James tailor Symington
Blair Alexander flaxraiser & weaver Galston
Bone William Symington
Bone James Dalrymple
Bowman David shoemaker Kilmarnock
Boyd Thomas Holms, Kilmarnock
Boyd James merchant Kilmarnock
Boyd James Raithmuir, Finwick
Boyd Thomas Ayr
Boyd John Kilwinning parish
Boyle John sailor Saltcoats
Boyle George Saltcoats
Boyle John senior merchant Dalry
Boyle David Dalry
Boyle John Prestick
Brakenridge Anne Daely
Brockie John schoolmaster Craigie
Brockie Nicolas Barnwel
Broun Robert Mains of Grougar
Broun James portioner Clarkland
Broun Mary Saltcoats
Broun James farmer Littleston
Broun John smith Cumnock
Broun Robert merchant Beith
Broun David farmer Ayr
Brown Marion Barnwel
Burn William Clochern, Kilbride


Cairns John merchant Girvan
Calbraith William Kirkmichael
Calbraith James Dalrymple
Calbraith Thomas Dalrymple
Cameron John Sorn parish
Campbell John wigmaker Kilmarnock
Campbell James weaver Kilmarnock
Campbell William weaver Stair
Campbell Andrew Dalrymple
Campbell John tailor Sorn parish
Carnie John tailor Ayr
Chalmers John Kirkmichael
Clacher John Kirkoswald
Clark Archibald shipmaster Saltcoats
Clark Adam tailor Sorn parish
Cochran Grizel Auchenleck
Cochran Joseph wright Cumnock
Craig John weaver Dalry
Craig William Stevenson
Craig James farmer Dalry
Crawford Ninian smith Saltcoats
Crawford Anne Saltcoats
Crawfurd William Barnwel
Criffin James Kirkmichael parish
Cunningham James shoemaker Kilmarnock
Cunningham Andrew Dalry
Cunningham Andrew Armsheugh


Dalrymple Reverend William minister Ayr
Davidson Gilbert Dalmelington
Dick Quintin Kirkmichael
Dick John Kirkmichael
Dick William Straiton
Dick Robert Maybole
Dick Robert weaver Ayr
Dick John Ayr
Dickie Matthew Symington
Doak James portioner Lons
Doak John Bardonna, Kirkmichael
Donald John Sorn
Donald Robert Burnhead, Sorn
Donaldson James Coylton
Douglas George Cumnock
Duncan Mungo Logan, Sorn
Duncan William Barnwel
Dunlop John tailor Saltcoats
Dunlop Robert Kirkmichael